Taking Care of Travel Accommodation

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In the previous post (here), I’ve talked about the app for transportation, now I’m going to talk about accommodation. Well, usually I try to lower my budget by staying at my friend’s or an acquaintance’s place. As long as they don’t mind giving me some space to sleep and clean up, I’d be very happy […]

One Piece (Anime)

One Piece Quotes: Part IV

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It’s been a while, but here is my next compilation of more One Piece quotes that I’ll keep updated. When I say eps/episode, I refer to the anime. When I say chapter, I refer to the manga. I both read the manga and watch the anime when it comes to One Piece. But sometimes I […]


Why I Love One Piece

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I have watched One Piece: Stampede. It was finally released in the US the other day (October 24, 2019), and of course I decided to watch it on the first day 😁🙈 I won’t talk about it, though, except that it’s really great, right from the start towards the end. A true One Piece fan […]