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Knowing someone in person

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Have you ever known someone new in person and you feel comfortable or at least have no problem with him/her? You’re okay with him/her? Then some people tell you “bad things” bout him/her, from their past experience with him/her or what they heard from others. Then you’re worried that you’d face these bad sides of […]


It is okay to be not okay.

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Sadness is often portrayed as negative and bad that we often hide it. Whenever we feel sad, we quickly tell ourselves to be happy. Sometimes we feel bad for feeling sad. We feel worse for feeling bad. Endless. But, is it really not okay to feel sad or to show the world that we’re not […]


Delaying Judgment

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First of all, I do not really believe in “no judgment.” I do not really buy things like “I don’t judge.” Let us just admit it: we all judge! We have our opinions. We have our own standards. We evaluate. We assess. We make sense of what we see, hear, experience, etc. As you’re reading […]


Koizora: Sky of Love

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I first knew Koizora as a Japanese movie. Many say it’s a sad movie. Simply put, you can’t be with the person you love because of one and another thing. Sad, right? But I’m not going to talk about the movie here. I’m going to talk about the sky. Koizora means sky of love. That’s […]