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Introduction Self-Reflection

Being A Serious Person: Is it a bad thing?

Back in college, when I was still an undergraduate, my friends made this kind of “categorization”, you know, something like, “The smartest, the funniest, and all the other superlatives.” And guess what they categorized me with: “The most serious.” So I asked, “Why?” and the response I got was, “See? She’s so serious.” I remember …

Self-Reflection Tidbits in Life

A Social Media Break: Logging Out of Instagram – and other social media

This past week I have been absent from Instagram and other social media (Twitter and Facebook). The reason being is…I don’t know. Maybe I’m just bored. Besides, people say Instagram such social media causes addiction. I think I just wanted to challenge myself, a kind of proving that I’m still in control of it; that …