Hi, I don’t know how to introduce myself, but maybe you can read my introduction post here:

I might have a lot of identities: a daughter, a friend, a learner, a traveler, a lover, a teacher, a fangirl, a woman, etc., but above all, I want you to see me simply as a human. I am no different from everybody else. But that’s what makes all the difference. That’s because everybody is unique 🙂

DISCLAIMER: I’m treating this blog like my public diary. So it’s basically about my experiences and the thoughts that I have on various things, which I want to share with others. Well, since it’s personal, I know my opinion might not always be true. And I understand that it is not always important. But, I really hope you can find something that you like, or perhaps something that you can find useful. Also, I’m Indonesian so if you’re Indonesian and feel like commenting in Bahasa Indonesia instead of English, feel free to do so. I write this blog in English to practice my English writing because, otherwise, I’ll forget. But really, it’s not about trying to be edgy or such (I’m sure you’ll find a lot of grammatical mistakes since I don’t really proofread everything🙈).

Happy Exploring. Happy Reading 🙂

PS: All pictures I upload in this blog are mine unless stated otherwise.