I categorize and classify my writings in such a way. You can see the drop-down menu from this page to go to a more specific category of writing that you want to read. You can also choose from the following list. (I might update it as I write more later).

It basically comprises posts that, I think, would make people know more about me, so it’s like introducing another side of me. But this category is so broad, so I kinda make more lists that are more specific. For example, here you can find:
~ Idolatory [About what I like or idolize, this is basically my fangirling self]
 –> Hey! Say! JUMP [My favorite idol group from Japan]
–> One Piece [My most favorite anime, review, quotes, etc.]
–> Songs [The songs that I love]
~ Life in Tucson [My experience living in Tucson, AZ, USA]
I changed this into ~ Tidbits in Life [My ordinary life upon returning to my hometown in Indonesia]
–> My Cooking Recipes [Recipes of some food that I cooked/made]
~ Self-Reflection [Something to improve myself and hopefully others too]
~ Self-Motivation [Something to motivate myself and hopefully others too]
~ Today I Learned [Something that I came to realize or learn]

Dramas and Movies
This is basically about the dramas and movies that I watched and/or liked. There are some reviews and recommendations.
~ Anime [Anime movies, mostly not series]
~ J-Dramas [Japanese Dramas]
~ J-Movies [Japanese Movies]
~ K-Dramas [Korean dramas]
~ K-Movies [Korean movies, but actually I haven’t written anything here. LoL]

This category consists of posts related to traveling or my traveling experience.
~ Travel Thingies [Tips and whatnots about traveling]
~ Visa Application [My experience applying for a visa]

As the name indicates, it’s random. It can be miscellaneous. I just don’t know what category I should put them into.
~ Dream Journals [About some dreams, literally, that I had and thought were interesting]
~ Fiction [Fictional Writing]

This category is where I post my review about something. It can be a mix of a little bit of various things.
~ Books [Some books that I read and/or like]
~ Quotes [Interesting quotes from various sources and my thoughts about them]

Auditing Japanese
This special category is about my experience learning Japanese and taking Japanese classes. This can also be helpful for foreign language teaching and learning.

There are some other categories actually, but I think the main categories are the ones I listed above. I hope it makes it easier for you to find or read what you want or need. Happy reading 🙂