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Auditing Japanese

Learning Japanese: Continuity and “Motivation”

A quick update: we have finished Chapter 2 about Katakana. Alas, I’m sure I won’t get 100 this time. That’s because there were some questions whose answers I didn’t know. As usual, we had listening part, vocabulary, structure, and reading. I’m okay with listening and vocabulary, especially because the teachers told us the list of …

Auditing Japanese

Auditing Japanese 101: Observing my foreign language teaching and learning

Here are some other points that I observe from my auditing Japanese 101. Learning the fifth language So I’m learning Japanese as my fifth language. I learn this not via Bahasa Indonesia or my other first languages, but via English, my fourth language. (English can be considered my second/third language though, since I acquire my …

Auditing Japanese

Highlights on my Japanese class: Foreign language teaching and learning

Ok, first, you might want to know how I did in Chapter 1 test. Boom, no, I didn’t get 100% point ☹ My points were deducted .25 because I did not write hiragana for “ki” “correctly” (or maybe the way the teachers wanted me to). You can see the pic. *sigh They look similar, don’t …