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Ojisama to Neko: Futari de Ireba [ふたりで居れば] lyrics and English translation

Hello, today I want to post another English translation of a Japanese song that I came to like recently. I knew this song because I watched Ojisama to Neko [The old man and the cat] drama. And I watched that drama because Kamiki Ryunosuke voiced the main cat in the story. It’s cute, sweet, and …

Dramas and Movies J-Dramas Songs

Neechan no Koibito: Mr.Children ~「Brand new planet」Lyrics and English Translation

So, mmm, because I posted the translation of a Japanese song before (read here!), I thought I wanted to post some other lyrics I translated into English again. This time it’s an ost of a drama that I watched last Fall 2020. The drama is called 姉ちゃんの恋人, Nee-chan no koibito, i.e. My sister’s lover. I …

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A Second Chance: Do We Want It? Will We Give It?

Note: I recommended some movies in the last paragraphs. I made this post because a while ago, my mutual on Twitter asked about whether or not someone who’s made a terrible mistake deserves an apology and a second chance. They asked me to share my thoughts. I wrote my thoughts there but then I think …