I really love this pic I took at Victoria Royal Botanic Garden. It gives a romantic but gloomy and sad vibes 🙁

I planned to review this movie with other movies but I ended up writing so long so I guess I’ll just post about only one movie this time. The title is 生きてるだけで、愛/Ikiteru dake deai/Love at least. I don’t know why the English title is “Love at least.” My Japanese comprehension of the original title is “Just live, love.” But, oh, well, my Japanese is not that good; my Japanese knowledge is limited, so I might be wrong. Hhe But, anyway…

I watched this movie for Suda Masaki. He’s exploring another character in this movie and he’s really great at it. Gosh, just how many characters has he explored already? He’s really amazing! He’s now a bit busy with his singing career but thankfully his acting remains great. Anyway, this movie is kinda “depressing.” I mean, it might make you really really really mad, but, still, you cannot really blame anyone… It’s so fucked up. Sigh

The synopsis, spoiler, summary or whatever you call it: There’s this girl who has trouble staying awake during the day. Throughout the movie, she’s portrayed as someone with depression. She doesn’t work. She doesn’t earn money. She just sleeps, eats, and sleeps. She doesn’t even clean up – her room or herself. She doesn’t cook. She does “nothing”. Then she loves scolding her boyfriend, getting upset at him, treating him like a slave, being harsh to him, harassing him, the very boyfriend who provides her a place to say, gives her some food, and doesn’t even get mad at her for he tries to understand her situation. Actually, I really wanted to say that she’s worthless, useless, a real torture for her boyfriend, or maybe just trash. But I know it’s not right, right? It’s better to say good things or if we have nothing good to say, it’s better to just stay silent, right? But the girl really upsets me, like, she doesn’t seem to really want to heal… Sigh ☹ I don’t know if it’s because the boyfriend is Suda Masaki, but I was like, “For God’s sake, why should he remain with her? He deserves someone better!” But that makes me no better than those people who don’t understand people with depression, right? ☹

Oh, my, I myself don’t know how it feels to get depressed, so really, please don’t mind me. I do get stressed out sometimes but maybe it’s different from depression? I don’t know. I just believe that no matter how hard things are, we should keep trying to help ourselves. Yes, we might need help from others but first, sometimes and most importantly, we must convince or even force ourselves that “WE CAN!” If we want it, we can do it. Well, maybe I can say that because I’m not in her shoes, but maybe that’s the thing: depressed people cannot see it? It’s just inevitable for them. I don’t know. Maybe you can watch the movie yourself so you can decide yourself. And I’m truly sorry for being so harsh but it’s really frustrating me and maybe you’ll think and feel the same: “They’re not even married. Just break up with her. It’s better than stressing himself out.” I know, and…

Honestly, I don’t know if the guy actually loves her or if he just feels sorry for her. (There I go again, being so mean, I’m sorry T_T). He just…I mean, from what I see, he’s really holding back. He tries his best to restrain his anger. He understands that the girl is the way she is not because she wants it, but more because she can’t help it. In some way, he feels like he can relate to the girl because he too was once in similar situation where everybody overlooked him or didn’t care about him, so he kinda understands her situation. Nevertheless, the girl thinks that the guy is way too indifferent and that maybe he doesn’t get mad because he doesn’t actually care about her. How upsetting, no?! Or maybe this perspective happens because I’m taking the guy’s side.

I took this from the same spot but I cannot really choose which one is better so I guess I’ll just put them all in the same post.

Well, eventually it takes a toll on him. People have their own limit, right? They can get exhausted. Those who are not depressed want to be understood as well. And all, and all, well, ‘till finally he himself gets fired from his job. But he still chose to stay with the girl. I just can’t imagine what will happen next…

But, well, the movie itself is open-ended; we have no idea how they proceed afterwards, but…

Really, kudos to those people with super and extra patience dealing with with depressed people because, seriously, it takes a lot of patience. And, depressed people really need such patience and understanding, like really really really need it. And if people give up on them, then it will be more difficult for them to heal. But…

Seeing how harsh and mean I’ve been in this review and how I take the guy’s side, you can tell that I don’t think I’m able to do that, like being extra patient with them. I’m afraid it will make me stressed and depressed myself. I don’t want that ☹ Hence, the best I can do is taking best care of myself so I don’t stress out anyone else, so I don’t become a burden to the one I love. Well, I don’t mean to say that depressed people are a burden, but let’s be honest, let’s just admit it: it’s quite burdensome. I’m truly sorry for saying this ☹🙏🙇🏻‍♀️

But, hey, if you think you’re depressed, please don’t mind me. Just ignore everything I’ve said. The things I said comes only from one’s perspective anyway. I’m not in your shoes, so, no, you are not trash. Well, maybe you’re on the way to becoming one if you do nothing bout it, but please seek help, don’t give up on yourself. People like me might give up easily on you, but you should never give up on yourself. And I hope you’re surrounded with good and patient people. And I hope you’ll heal and find some meanings in life. Be happy.

And, seriously, take good care of yourself, guys, depressed or not. Have a control of yourself. This is really important.

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