Japanese Anime Movies: Recommendation (Part II)

I’ve written about some Japanese anime movies besides One Piece before (read here!), so now that I’ve watched more anime movies, let me share them with you too 😀

1. Weathering with You (Tenki no Ko)
I finally watched this anime! Gosh, when it was launched in my country, it wasn’t released in USA yet so I could not watch it. And by the time it was released in USA, I had to go back to my country to collect some data for my research and this movie wasn’t displayed anymore so you can imagine how happy I am when I could finally watch this movie because everyone had been talking about it so I was kinda looking forward to it. But, ugh, maybe I expected too much… I mean, even after watching this movie, Kimi no Nawa is still the best anime for me.

Summary: About a girl who could control the weather.  It was always raining so people hired the girl to have a clear weather. However, the more the girl cleared the sky, the more she “disappeared.” And of course there were some conflicts too because this girl was actually found by and worked together with a boy who ran away from home. I don’t know how to best tell this story, but I can say it’s a really good movie. A friend said about character development too. But for me, because I was hoping the story would be better than Kimi no nawa, so I was kinda disappointed because it didn’t really surprise me. So yeah, Kimi no Nawa is still the best anime movie for me.

2. The Memoirs of a Hunter Girl (Fusé: Teppō Musume no Torimonochō)
This is an interesting movie. When I saw the poster, it felt so nostalgic because the mask they were wearing reminded me of Hotarobi no mori e, one of my favorite anime. But the story was really different, yet very interesting too.

Summary: A girl (named Hamaji) was summoned by his older brother to help him hunt down fuse, something half-human and half-dog that is believed to be evil. When she was trying to find his brother’s house in the city, she ran into and was helped by Shino. Somehow the two were connected and formed a good relationship without Hamaji knowing that Shino was actually a fuse that she must hunt down.

3. The Littlest Warrior/The Orphan Brother (Anju to zushiomaru)
This is actually a really good anime, but the storyline kinda made me angry because of how unfair it was to the main characters in the story. Gosh, yes, it was that good.

Summary: An honest officer lived peacefully with his family protecting the King’s forest. The kids were loved by the animals. One day, a wicked officer framed the honest officer and chased away the family. The mother and the siblings then tried to find justice and reunite with the father. But they were deceived and got separated. The mom was exiled, and the siblings were sold as slaves. The brother, however, managed to get away and was adopted by a kind officer. Years passed, and…well, you have to watch yourself for the ending^^

4. Seven Days War
Another movie I watched without having expectations. And I guess it’s better that way ’cause I can be surprised throughout the movie. This one is also full of surprises, though I could kinda guess some of it 😀

Summary: A group of friends were planning to have some secret and adventurous vacation in the mountain but they ran into an immigrant kid who was being sought by the police. They were trying to help this kid find their family. And in doing so, they had to “fight” and smartly defend themselves for 7 days.

5. Eleven Cats (Juuippiki no Neko)
This one is my favorite. The animation is kinda old and simple compared to today’s anime but the story is great. It’s funny, heartwarming, and so entertaining. I’d really recommend this anime movie 🙂

Summary: 11 cats were always noisy in town. People came to dislike them because they thought they only caused trouble. One day, to prove their greatness, they went on an adventure to catch a legendary big fish in a far away place. The story was basically about their journey, the hardship they went through and how they dealt with it. Sometimes they acted selfish and then they realized that they had to care for each other. It’s really beautiful. So please give it a watch 🙂

6. One Stormy Night (Arashi no Yoru ni)
Another interesting movie about “forbidden” friendship. Realistically, this story is so fictional I don’t see how we can witness it in reality. Huhu But it’s a really nice story, so please watch it 🙂

Summary: A goat and a wolf met in a stormy night. They were trying to hide in a hut and because it was dark, they could not see each other so they just talked and somehow found some similarities. They grew fond of each other and promised to meet again the sky was clear the next day. When they met, they were surprised but somehow they decided to keep their friendship. The wolf pack and the goat clan were, of course, against their friendship. The wolves thought the goats were just trying to avoid them and make them starve. The goats thought the wolves were just trying to prey on them.

7. Gon, the Little Fox
This anime movie is cute and sweet. It’s just about one hour but it was kinda sad 🙁 Watching this anime kinda makes me want to pet a fox. Dang, why did they make it so cute?

Summary: A little fox, Gon, was left alone by his Mom as the Mom died trying to protect him. He then ventured to a nearby village and stole some food to stay alive. He encountered some kind people but he was still afraid to approach them. One day, a mother of the villager died and he blamed Gon, the little fox, for it.

8. Her Blue Sky (Sora no Aosa wo Shiru Hito yo)
An anime movie that involves music. Summary: An aspiring musician went back to the present from the past. However, he was trapped in one building only, the place where he used to jam with his old bandmates. The story revolves in the present about the struggle of some of his friends as well as his first love. It also portrayed how he turned out to be someone he didn’t want to become. It was interesting.

By the way, my favorite in this anime is of course Tsugu.  Can we have a sequel focusing on Tsugu when he grows up, please? He’ll be the coolest guy! And, oh my, I didn’t know Yoshizawa Ryo was the one who voiced Shinno! How could I not recognize it?!

9. Pom Poko
Another Ghibli movie. It was really interesting. Honestly, I don’t know if we human have ever learned. This movie was made a long time ago concerning the environment and harmony with other creatures in nature. Yet, we can still witness how people’s greed destroys our forest and such 🙁

Summary: A development was happening in the forest. People were trying to build some housing complex. This caused the raccoons to think about their life and survival as they didn’t have anywhere else to live. They were trying to stop human from continuing the construction by scaring them. Did they succeed? You’ve gotta watch yourself 😀

10. Suki ni Naru Sono Shunkan o
This is the sequel of Zutto Mae Kara Suki Deshita, which I shared in the previous post about anime movie recommendation. However, this one focused more on the younger siblings: Enomoto Kotarou and Setoguchi Hina. Gosh, I really love Kotarou here. If there is ever a live adaptation movie, can we have Chinen Yuri play Kotarou, please? I believe he will fit the sassy cool pretending to not care but actually caring guy. Pleaseeeee!

Summary: Kotarou had feelings for Hina, but Hina fell for her senior. Kotarou was trying to be a supporting friend even though they often argued every day.

11. Flavors of Youth
This one is a bit “confusing” for me because it portrayed three different stories of three different people reminiscing their youth. The food they ate. The places they grew up. Their memories. And they weren’t really connected. They just met at the end, and that was it. So I really didn’t get why they were made into one movie. And I don’t get why they had to make the setting in China when they could’ve just set the settings in Japan. Of course, I don’t mind with the Chinese setting, but it was kinda strange watching it in Chinese setting but they spoke in Japanese :/

12. Miyori no Mori
This one is interesting. It involves supernatural power as well. Summary: A girl was sent to the countryside to live with her grandparents because the parents were not in a good term and were always fighting, meanwhile they had to work too so they could not really care for their kid well. In that countryside, however, the girl had to fight the corporates and stop them from destroying the forest because she was actually a forest guard(?) She was destined to guard the forest so she could see the creatures that normal humans couldn’t. Hence, she finally made friends with some kids there and fought together with them even though initially she was acting like a snob from the city.

13. Alps no Shoujo Heidi
This is such an old drama. About a girl who loved living in the mountains? She was then sent to the city by her aunt to help accompany a sick girl but she didn’t like it there. She went back to the mountain and the sick girl made a visit and stayed and somehow recovered. Sorry for the very short review 😐

14. Onigamiden
Initially, I was interested in this because it involved time travel. Summary: A kid that is believed to be the descendant of certain blood was brought to the past. He was asked to help fight the Oni, ones that were believed to be the non-human villain. He was thought to be able to conquer them since he had the power to awaken the Orochi dragon. [Spoilers: the one who brought him to the past was actually the real main villain as he tried to slander the Oni and made them fight the other group. But the conflict was actually caused by him].

15. Haguregumo
I don’t know how to best talk about this drama. Haha Because it’s kinda “hentai” a.k.a. perverted and somehow patriarchal. Summary: There was a skilled a samurai but he chose to stay low and live an ordinary life. But, he was really irresponsible somehow. The samurai father was skilled but he was a womanizer. But he kinda had a good parenting style or wisdom sometimes so maybe there was a bit good education for kids. But, maybe this one is only for parents to watch, and not for kids I guess.

16. Kaze no Matasaburou
Summary: A kid followed her parent who had to work in the country side so she had to transfer schools. However, her classmates thought that she was the wind God. It’s a short anime movie.

17. Metropolis
This is actually a very good anime. Summary: An android robot was created and she was made near perfection. The one who ordered the robot to be made was obsessed to rule the city. His adopted son, however, was jealous of the robot and so he tried to destroy her. It caused some ruckus as it was considered a dangerous project. The son turned evil but the robot encountered a kind and good boy.

18. Taifuu no Noruda
Summary: Two best friends were kinda fighting when something strange happened in their school. There was a storm and a girl came with it. The girl said she was sent to destroy the earth. However, the two best friends thwarted it and finally made up.

I think that’s all for today. I don’t know what else to recommend. LoL I actually start feeling bad for just writing the name of anime without me really loving or getting impressed with them. But, oh, well, sometimes you’re just bored and you just want to waste or kill time but you kinda have already watched the popular or famous anime so you don’t know what else to watch. In that case, I hope this post can help you find some anime you can watch and somehow enjoy 🙂

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