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Tengoku to Jigoku: Tadaima 「ただいま」lyrics and English translation

Hi, after a while I decided to translate another Japanese song into English. I guess this makes it the fourth song, huh? o.O (For other song reviews/translations, read here!) Well, I love this song because it’s the ost of one of my favorite winter dramas. The title is 天国と地獄 ~サイコな2人~/Tengoku to Jigoku: Psycho na futari/Heaven …

Dramas and Movies J-Dramas Songs

Ojisama to Neko: Futari de Ireba [ふたりで居れば] lyrics and English translation

Hello, today I want to post another English translation of a Japanese song that I came to like recently. (For other song reviews/translations, read here!) I knew this song because I watched Ojisama to Neko [The old man and the cat] drama. And I watched that drama because Kamiki Ryunosuke voiced the main cat in …


ハンサム LIVE – 春の花 [Haru no Hana] Lyrics and English Translation

Hi, so, mmm, maybe this post is a bit different from my usual posts. But I’ve said it before, right? My blog is basically like a diary so, yes, it will contain various things, whatever I feel like writing-and sharing ^^ (Updated: Here are for more song reviews/translations🙂 So, well, I decided to post this …