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Random Self-Reflection

Going to the beach: Is there any dress code?

This happened some time ago. There was this one beach that went viral for separating men and women. People called it “Pantai Syar’i”, literally means “shar’i beach” (or “Islamic beach”, if you mind). Personally I don’t agree with this. I even think it’s kinda ridiculous. First of all, not everyone in the country is Muslim …

Random Self-motivation Today I Learn

Studying Abroad: Should you?

When I was asked to speak in the “Scholarship Hunting: Exploring the world through scholarship” seminar, the committee requested me to encourage the participants so that they could feel motivated in applying for a scholarship to pursue their study abroad at the end of the event. I felt – and still feel – “dilemmatic” 🙈😅 Here …


“Insincerity” vs “Manner”: Expecting and Expressing gratitude

Actually I wrote this in Bahasa Indonesia and posted it into my other blog, but I think I want to share it in English, too, because, who knows it can reach more people ^^ But, well, actually I have had this thought since long time ago, but recently this issue rose up again, so I …