Choi Daniel: Awesomeness in Ordinariness

This is Daniel in the last episode of Jugglers. I love it that in his dramas, he’s got a role where he’s always trying to win the heart of the girls’ parents in a good way. Persistent. And nicely done 🙂 Oh, this is when Daniel as Nam Chi Won is trying to win Jwa Yoon Yi’s Mom 😀

Still remember Choi Daniel, one of my favorite Korean actors? Yeah, his drama “Jugglers” ended last January 23, 2018. I was too busy with my study to write about it. That’s because I need to write it “emotionally”. If I don’t have the time, I might as well not do it. But, well, as many have said, he did a great job playing the character there 😊 I’m so proud of him!

Anyway, recently I watched some of his interviews. In one of his interviews, (I think it’s Showbiz Korea, I watched it through Instagram, though. There are some accounts who keep posting about him, and it makes me happy^^. Thanks, Instagram ) But anyway, in that interview, he said something about wanting to play someone ordinary in his future project. He said he wanted to a character who would just eat meals three times a day, read newspapers, but still fun and enjoyable. He wants to portray something ordinary in a fun and extraordinary way. Man, I love this guy. You know why, right? I mean, it sounds familiar. That’s what I said in one of my previous posts, right? About being ordinary and that’s nothing wrong with it.

Daniel is an awesome person for me. He is awesome for being “ordinary”. I love it that he loves the way he is. He says something about his being not handsome, not having double eyelids, etc. but still looks happy with it. I mean, how many people resent the way they are? Some are not happy with their look. Some wish to be somebody else. Some want to ambitiously change themselves. Etc. From what I can see, Daniel is not like that. And I really love him for that. It’s not that he is not handsome. He is gorgeous, but I should admit that he does not always look gorgeous. (Unlike Lee Dong Wook, my other most favorite Korean actor 🙈😍 I don’t know how he always, and I mean always, manages to look gorgeous and awesome all the time like that. Like, he just can’t look ugly!). Anyway, Daniel isn’t like that. He’s so ‘human’, ordinary, but fun and it gives me some comfort. (Isn’t it what we all need?).

Well, I don’t mean to say Daniel is ugly. No. People do have different standards or criteria about being handsome anyway. Yes, everyone might want to look handsome, cool, etc. It’s understandable. But let’s admit it, sometimes we just aren’t. I mean, I can say I’m not ugly, but that I’m beautiful is something different. Sometimes I do look beautiful, but other times I don’t. It’s not like other people who, no matter what, always look or tend to look gorgeous. Like, for example, if I see Kajol (my favorite Indian actress) or Ha Ji Won (my favorite Korean actress) or…Kate Middleton, the duchess (or now princess?), I know that compared to them, I’m not beautiful. Well, yes, that’s why we can’t and shouldn’t compare, but just like that, we know it just is the way it is. And it’s okay. This is, among other things, what I like about Daniel. He accepts himself. He’s okay with it. He’s enjoying himself. He’s fun and comfortable to be with. (Not that I have seen or talked to him in person, though. Well, I wish 🙈😍).

Daniel, still from the last episode of Jugglers. This was after the girl’s Mom did his hair. Haha One of the Instagram accounts in my explore tab says he looks like Clark Kent, the Superman 😀

Anyway, in another interview he’s also said something about not having certain ambition like having to be the top actor or the like. He just wants to appreciate what’s given to him, tries his bests, gives his all, and does what he can. But all of that is not to meet others’ expectations. See the difference? I mean, he’s happy with himself. He’s humble. He’s fun. And the best part is it doesn’t look as if he’s trying. He’s not trying to be humble. He’s not trying to be funny. It’s just natural of him to be like that. Like, in his interview, he speaks English (or is trying to speak English?). I don’t know, but of course he’s aware of what he’s doing. I mean, some people might judge him for not speaking English very well. Some might even think he’s just trying to be cool by speaking English. But he doesn’t seem to mind all of that. He smiles, he laughs; it’s like he’s telling people, “Yeah, I don’t speak English that well, but that’s okay.” He seems sincere with it. I know, because when he smiles or laughs, his eyes are smiling or laughing, too! I really love him. Gosh, maybe I’m blinded by love, but well, he’s really sweet and nice.

Well, he doesn’t think that he’s the romantic type in the real world, though. Well, I think he’s forgetting something. (Ugh, now I’m acting as if I knew him better than himself. Haha 🙈) I mean, we all know he’s fun (and funny). And, man, women often prefer the fun type, really. Why not? At the end of the day, we need someone who can make us smile and laugh, right? Being fun is another “genre” of romantic. So, well, he shouldn’t worry about that. Not that he said he’s worried about that. Like I said, he’s sincerely acceptant of himself 😊

And by the way, one of the Instagram accounts on my explore tab recently shared a story about Daniel being so kind and supportive towards other actors, novice actors. And man, I grow fonder and fonder of him. I can imagine that he does that not because he’s trying to be kind or knows that he’s actually doing something good. He just does it because he feels like it, and that’s something good and kind. He’s genuine like that. I hope somehow he knows that his being him, being “ordinary” as he claims, has always helped me (and maybe some or many others) to accept our own ordinariness. Hopefully he knows that he’s awesome in his ordinariness. And by being “ordinary”, he’s actually showing us that he’s undoubtedly extraordinary. Let’s all embrace our awesomeness in our ordinariness. Being ordinary is not bad. It’s awesome! 😊

PS: Somebody please tell Daniel I wrote this about him. Please thank him for me. I love him so much I pray that he’ll always be happy and comfortable with himself like he’s always been. I also pray that he’ll meet his woman who will understand him and be happy with him, and who, definitely, can make him happy 😊 There’s nothing wrong about being ordinary. We just need to be the best version of ourselves and accept the way we are. Thank you, Mas Daniel 😊 *Mas is an addressing title in Javanese, something like Oppa/Hyung/Sunbae/etc. 😊

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