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Hey! Say! JUMP Idolatory Introduction Reviews

My First Online Concert: Hey! Say! JUMP

Soooooo, this might not be my first time seeing my favorite people, Hey! Say! JUMP, performing online. Like, I’ve watched them several times performing in some TV musical events, or Johnny’s New Year’s countdown, or Johnny’s Happy Live with You when Covid first hit last year (in 2020), but that’s JUMP performing with other artists …

Hey! Say! JUMP Idolatory Self-Reflection Today I Learn

“Dramas” in the Fandom: What to Do?

I’ve been officially fangirling over Hey! Say! JUMP more than 7 months now. And, I’ve witnessed quite a number of “dramas” 🙈😅 Tbf, I didn’t sign up for these dramas. It’s really not the kind of fandom I imagined it to be. The fandom I imagined was the peaceful one, where I can interact with …

Idolatory Self-motivation Self-Reflection

(TW: Suicide) Care for them when they are still around, not when they’re already dead!

It was July 17, 2020 night time at my place, July 18, 2020 Japan time. I was on my Twitter since it’s weekend (and I’m learning to take a break only on Weekdays). I was scrolling when I saw the post about the passing of Miura Haruma. I was “surprised” and really couldn’t believe it. …