Funny Japanese Movies

Me at Ratu Boko Temple. Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Hello, now I’m going to review some of funny Japanese movies. Funny for me, at least 😀 For the previous movies and dramas, you can go here 😊

  1. Teiichi no Kuni (Teiichi’s country): Battle of Supreme High

This movie is truly hilarious. I can’t help laughing from the beginning till the end. What makes it funny is the actors’ characters and how they act so dramatically yet seriously and hence hilariously. Even now I’m laughing as I’m remembering the scenes to write this piece 😂🙈😅✌ I’m not good at telling funny stories so I cannot really tell how funny this movie is. But if you have ever watched anime and seen some excessive effects that make the scenes hilarious and funny, then you’ll also find them in this movie, except that the ones acting it is real actors. Suda Masaki, the actor who played Teiichi, the main character here really did a very very excellent job portraying the character. This is how I fell in love with him and proceeded to watch his other movies actually. He can act silly but be serious at the same time. Can you imagine? LoL Well, I don’t want to do this movie injustice by trying so hard to depict its hilariousness, but if you need some entertainment, if you need to laugh, I’ll recommend you to watch this movie.

And, oh, we can also learn something too from this movie, actually. Teiichi grows to have the characters he has because he wants to do what he loves. When he was a kid, he loved playing piano, but his father was against it. He thought Teiichi should study hard so that he can be a prime minister in the future, so it’s like imposing his ambition on Teiichi. Teiichi, however, thought that if he could be a prime minister and build his own country, then he would be able to do anything he wants; he can play piano anytime he wants. So it’s like he’s trapped with his childhood dream and childish thinking. He becomes ambitious and serious because his childhood inner happiness wasn’t fulfilled. This side of the story is quite sad. But overall, it’s really funny how Teiichi worked so hard so that he could be a prime minister in the future. Well, the movie itself took place when Teiichi was still in high school trying to make a path to becoming a prime minister and building his own country. I really love this movie. I don’t regret watching it 😊

  1. The Kyodai Family
Me at Gumuk Pasir, Parangkusumo Sanddunes, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

This movie is about one family who can read people’s mind. And there’s this girl that doesn’t talk much but has her own world in her head. She’s kinda like me. LoL I mean, she fantasizes and dramatizes everything in her head. She pretends to be a princess and creates a fairytale in her head. She loves daydreaming. Yup, just like me 😁🙈 And when the guy from The Kyodai Family comes to her workplace, everyone was kinda stirred because the guy was rich and good-looking. But since the guy can read people’s mind, he’d find out everyone’s motive, such as why they were being nice to him or if they were just actually “ass-kissing” him. However, he should act normal and pretend that he didn’t know what’s on their mind so that nobody finds out that he can actually read people’s mind. The girl, on the other hand, didn’t join the hype. She was insecure. She didn’t think she’d stand a chance anyway. But she was sincere. But of course, she creates the fairytale in her head with the guy as the prince. She fantasized about how “the prince” would fall in love with her but since she was insecure, even in her head she portrayed herself as an inferior, you know, someone like Cinderrela. And of course with the dramatic and exaggerated storylines. As the guy read her mind, he found it funny and interesting and finally fell in love with her. But, it’s a love story, so of course they’ll have to face some challenges. LoL Man, why can’t love story be so “easy”? *Sigh But, well, it’s funny. It’s entertaining. I myself am not sure if I want my mind to be read by someone like that. I myself am not sure if I want to read people’s mind like that. But I guess it’s for the best that I can read nobody’s mind and that nobody can read my mind. What about you? 😊

  1. Watashi ni unmei no koi nante arienaitte omotteta

This is a romantic comedy. The story is actually typical. You know, two people hate each other at first, “fight and get into each other’s throat” but fall in love with each other at the end. But I love it. I love both the actor and the actress who play the main characters too. And I love how their love gradually grows without their realizing it. I guess that’s just how it’s supposed to be: love happens when you don’t really expect it 😊 I mean, we often think that we’re attracted to someone, right? We want them. We feel like we want them to be our lover. But it sounds more like “obsession” or “ambition” instead of “love.” It’s like when you want something, you get excited and make effort to get it, but after you get it, you lose the excitement. But love is not like that, no? I think what makes love different is that, not only does it give us comfort but also keep us excited. Well, I can’t say for sure, however; I’ve never really been in such a relationship 😐 But this movie is really funny. Here are some spoilers: the guy has actually been eyeing someone else thinking that he loves her. But he’s just not good at making a move to get closer to her. Then he meets this new girl, with whom he’s always having arguments. But this girl is “an expert in women and love.” So the guy ends up asking her for advice, and it works. The guy can finally get closer to and win the heart of the girl he thinks he’s in love with, only to realize that it’s not the love he always wants, only to realize that it’s the new girl that he truly falls for and loves. It’s sweet. You know, like you kinda want to deny it, you kinda tell yourself that it cannot be love, like you try to convince yourself that you’re a loyal person and that the first girl is your true love, only that she is not. Well, I guess, if you love romantic-comedy movies, then you can watch this one 😊

  1. 未成年だけどコドモじゃない/Miseinen dakedo kodomo janai/I’m a minor but I’m not a kid.
Me at Parangtritis Beach, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

This is a romantic comedy, too. What makes it funny is actually the girl’s character. She’s just way toooooo innocent. She’s rich and she’s spoiled, but she’s sincere. And she falls in love with this handsome guy, who happens to be her betrothed. Many believes that the guy only agrees to marry her because he’s after her money. But at the end he also falls for her. But, well, there’s this scene that I really love in this movie. The girl says (more or less), “Is it wrong to love someone because they’re good looking?” Well, I might have written this somewhere, but I also question myself the same: I always feel bad and guilty when I am attracted to a good-looking guy (be it actor, idol, etc.). Well, it’s because I believe it’s wrong to judge people by their looks. And I’m not that pretty myself, so why? But I can’t help it. Sigh. But hey, I have my excuse, okay? 1. “Good looks” are relative, no? What I consider “good-looking” might be just so-so for others, and vice versa. 2. Even if someone is good-looking if he has bad personality and is a jerk, I won’t keep loving him, right? So I guess I don’t have to feel bad or guilty if I like good-looking people. Haha Sorry, I’m just trying to make myself feel better 😀

And, to be honest, I actually prefer the girl’s childhood friend here. For me, he’s just better looking :p Besides, he’s always trying to make her happy. He loves her, even though at the end he lets her go for her happiness. I always feel bad for such characters. You know, when you’ve been loving someone earnestly, but that person falls in love with someone else. It must hurt. No one is to blame, it just happens, I know. But I just hope that it doesn’t happen to me. I don’t want to hurt anybody. I always pray that nobody will fall in love with me unless I can return his love or unless we can be together. And if there’s someone who’s been loving me, I hope I’ll come to realize it and come to love him too. Well, never mind, my head is just full of fairy tales. LoL But I admire such characters, though. You know, people who can let go for the sake of the happiness of the person that they love. Some people will impose their feelings on the person that they love, trying to get their love returned, not realizing that it’s actually hurting them instead of making them happy. Well, in some cases it works, because the other party is just too dense, but in other cases it doesn’t. In some cases, you really need to be persistent and trying your best to get your love returned. But in some other cases, it’s just better to let go. But for such characters, I always hope and pray that they’ll find someone better, one who can make them happy, one who’ll be happy with them. What about me? Well, I’m just too complicated, I guess. I’m not so sure of myself, so let’s not talk about it ^^

5. Tori Girl

I cannot really tell how funny this movie is. It’s not that funny, but there are some funny scenes, too, and it’s quite entertaining. I’m too lazy to continue writing, so I guess I’ll just give you the title, in case you have watched everything else and want to watch something else. It’s not that I’m putting it here as an option or as an alternative. I myself watched it because I love one of the actors here 😀 (Hint: Takasugi Mahiro). And maybe I list it here just because I have watched it and I don’t want to forget it. Hhe

6. 700 Days of Battle: Us VS The Police

I will not say anything about this movie other than it’s funny, entertaining, and hilarious. It will definitely make you laugh. I almost forgot this one and remember to list this one here at the last minute because I watched this a very long time ago. Now that I remember that I have watched it, I can’t forget how much I laughed while watching this movie 😂😂😂 So if you love comedies, you should absolutely watch this one 👍👍👍

But, gosh, why am I becoming so dull? LoL But, well, I guess that’s all for this time. I’m not sure if you’ll think they’re funny. But at least, there are some scenes that will make you laugh. Especially the first movie that I list in this post. I just hope people can watch it and laugh 😀 Well, is there any movie in this list that you’re going to watch? 😊

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