Blogging: Hacker, Spam, Virus, Maintenance

Hello. This time I want to write about my blog. Or, have I actually talked about it? Well, maybe not. So, mmm, I’m not sure if you noticed it or not, but my blog was under maintenance. That being said, even though I have scheduled some posts to be posted during those times, I did not actually get to do much with my blog. That’s why somehow it felt like it’s been a while since the last time I posted anything here. But, ugh, anyway, the reason it was under maintenance was that somehow some hackers kinda inserted some virus. I don’t know the hows or what that actually means, but that’s what my friend who helped me with this blog said.

Well, not sure if you noticed, but I (my friend did) had to remove all comments because of that. I am so sad 🙁 Because some comments were actually real comments from real people. Some of them were even from some people that I know in real life. So yeah, I am sad 🙁 And, if you somehow commented on this blog but couldn’t find your comment anymore, that’s the case. All comments were simply removed so the blog could keep running well. My sincere apologies for that 🙏

Not only that, my friend actually changed the theme. It took me a while to get used to the new theme. Well, I guess I’m someone who doesn’t really like changes or who doesn’t like experimenting when it comes to stuff like this. I mean, I was already happy with the old theme ‘cause I was already familiar and knew how to navigate it well, so I could do stuff faster. But now because it’s new, I kinda have to relearn stuff and I feel like it slows me down. I mean, I’m a slow person already. That’s why I don’t really like things that make me even slower 🙁 Or maybe it’s just because I’m not used to it yet, so we’ll see…

But, well, I understand my friend’s concern, though. If we didn’t do something about the hacking and the virus, maybe it’d be bad for our blog. I mean, it’s really awful! The spam comments! When I checked my blog on the WordPress app on my phone, almost every day I could see spam comments and I had to mark them as spam. It’s tiring 🙁

My friend said that it’s because now my blog is getting more traffic so now hackers kinda want to ride on it. To be honest, I don’t know how true this is. Sometimes it’s simply hard to believe that people do actually take the time to read my blog. It makes me happy, of course. But it also makes me anxious. Well, my anxiety is more like being scared that people would hate me or think I’m creepy for the things that I write. Well, I know I say we are free to do anything we like as long as it doesn’t harm or disadvantage others. Still, I don’t want to be hated either.

But, ugh, you know what? The posts that got spam comments a lot are my posts about Chinen 😀 Do you think other Hey! Say! JUMP’s fans actually read my blogs? Hhe Or, perhaps, has Chinen actually read it? Haha Not even in my dream. Hikz

But, anyway, my friend convinced me that I did get a lot of visitors. He showed me the pic of how many people or guests visited my blog in a day. Well, I don’t really understand how it works, so maybe I should just believe it. There’s no point in doubting it. Besides, the reason I do this blogging is not because I expect a lot of people to read it at the first place. The reason is because I love writing. Didn’t I say so? o.O I guess I wrote it here. But, well, not gonna lie, I’d be happy if I could actually gain some money from here. Hahahaha That’s why I attach my PayPal contact here in case people want to support me. Xixi Well, nobody has given me any, though. Why would they, right? Haha Well, I don’t really expect people to give me some money, though. I guess I was just testing the water? 😀 But, ugh, my friend said he’d try to apply my blog for AdSense, so I’m hoping it’ll get through and accepted. Well, wish me luck?^^

Anyway, I don’t know if someone actually reads this. But if you do, thank you. Thank you for putting up with me and my thoughts-and feelings. I hope you have a great day and always be blessed with happiness in your life. Ganbatte! 🙂

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