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Hey! Say! JUMP Idolatory Introduction Reviews

My First Online Concert: Hey! Say! JUMP

Soooooo, this might not be my first time seeing my favorite people, Hey! Say! JUMP, performing online. Like, I’ve watched them several times performing in some TV musical events, or Johnny’s New Year’s countdown, or Johnny’s Happy Live with You when Covid first hit last year (in 2020), but that’s JUMP performing with other artists …

Quotes Self-motivation Self-Reflection Today I Learn

More Quotes, More Inspiration and Motivation

I posted some quotes before (read here!) But I’ve still got a lot. I’m kinda crazy about “quotes”. When I listen to a song, watch a movie or a drama, or read a book, and then encounter beautiful sentences, whether it is motivational, inspirational, or simply shoves the reality onto my face, I love them. …

Random Reviews

eBay: What to do, How to do, What I’ve Learned

Today I’ll share my experiences shopping on eBay. I’ll also share some “tips” to “optimize” our use of eBay. (But you can save your time by ignoring the introduction paragraphs and just go straight to the tips I share in the bolded words/sentences😊). First of all, I love shopping on eBay, especially for non-electronic stuff. …