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Cooking: How to Make “Perkedel Kentang”

Today I’ll share yet another recipe. It’s called Perkedel Kentang. For the previous recipes, you can read it here. Perkedel Kentang is one of my favorites. Well, maybe some people will say it’s just a variation of mashed potatoes, but nope, for me it’s not. It’s different. This is one of my Indonesian prides. LoL …

My Cooking Recipes Tidbits in Life Today I Learn

Being Creative: Making Peanut sauce (such as Pecel) from Peanut butter

Warning: if you want to know only how to make it, then you can scroll down. If you want to know how I knew this, then you can read the story ^^ Living in a far-away-from-home country sometimes requires us to be creative. I myself have this struggles with food. As I’ve said before, I …