About Being Nice

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Some time ago a friend of mine said that she hated a person that is too nice. I asked her what she meant by “too nice”. She said it’s like someone who apologized even if it’s actually not her mistake or even if she’s already forgiven, someone who kept saying “thank you” even though “she […]

One Piece (Anime)

One Piece Quotes: Part II

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Hello, now I will write more One Piece quotes 🙂 Previously I wrote 20 quotes, so now I’ll continue writing from number 21. 21. “It’s not too bad to be blind. I know there are many hideous things that are better unseen.” (Fujitora, One Piece, eps 631) 22. “There is someone that I must meet… […]

Dream Journals

Recent Nightmares

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Recently I’ve been having nightmares. First, I dreamed that my parents married me off to someone I didn’t know. Worse was the guy I was supposed to marry was actually marrying two other girls. I was really flabbergasted. I mean, there must have been a mistake. My parents certainly wouldn’t have married me off to […]