One Piece Quotes: Part I

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So, mm, if you know me, you must have known that I love One Piece. I read the manga and watch the anime as well. I can say that One Piece is my “いきがい”. But, well, let’s save the story behind why I love One Piece for another post. Here I just want to recap some quotes that I saved after rewatching the anime. (Yeah, I’m that crazy! But it’s never boring even if I watch them again and again, so why not? ^^) I try to put the episodes as well here so it’s easier if people want to watch the episodes themselves. Or maybe because I find it upsetting when someone posts a One Piece quote but when I ask from which episode it is, they won’t answer ☹ I mean, we might remember the quotes but can’t possibly remember which episodes it is from if there is no specific citation or reference, right? Gosh, maybe I’m being too academic. LoL

But, anyway, here are the quotes. In Instagram, I hashtag them with #jUwaOnePieceQuotes just so it’s easier to find 😊

1. “I’m a terrible liar and a terrible father. But there’s one thing that’s true: even the most insignificant person can still challenge the world’s greatest hero if he tries hard enough. That’s what I wanted. I wanted to show my two kids a grand dream. Men need dreams burning inside their hearts. Even if it means struggling every day, never give up. Stand stall. Live every day with a laughter. As long as you keep challenging the impossible, life will be paradise. But there’s no way to showing that without putting my life on the line. Yes, if you stand up, the path will always open.” (Scorpion, the gallant bounty hunter, One Piece, eps 101, Alabasta Arc)

2. “Blaming someone else for your fate won’t change anything. Besides, don’t you think that’s the sign of someone weak? Let’s follow our dreams with our own strength.” (Coby, One Piece, eps 68) *Spoiler: Coby said this when Helmeppo kept on blaming Luffy for making his father lose his throne as a Marine, which led to Helmeppo’s hardship.

3. “Pain is a signal to protect the body. Not having it doesn’t make you any stronger at all.” (dr. Tony Tony Chopper, One Piece, eps 371 – Thriller Bark)

4. “When does a man die? Does he die when he’s been shot? No. Does he die when he’s ravaged with disease? No. Does he die when he’s been poisoned? NO! A man dies when, and only when, he is FORGOTTEN! Even when I pass on, my dream will come true! The hearts of the people will be cured…! THIS HAS TRULY BEEN A WONDERFUL LIFE!” (Dr. Hiluluk, One Piece, eps 86)

5. “The grudge of the dead should stay with the dead.” (Fukaboshi, One Piece, eps 564, Fishman Island Arc) Fishman Island Arc is one of my favorite Arcs. I’ll write it in another post.

6. “Dying is not an excuse.” (Brook, One Piece, Eps 353)

7. “…it’s never a sin to be alive. Existence itself is never a sin.” (Franky, One Piece, eps 263)

8. “Don’t try to find a reason for somebody’s love.” (Sengoku, One Piece, eps 743, Dressrosa Arc) *said to Law when talking bout Corazon

9. “Destiny… fate… dreams… These unstoppable ideals are held deep in the heart of a man. As long as there are people who seek freedom in this life, these things will not vanish from the earth.” (Gol D. Roger, One Piece) *It’s basically said in many of the beginning/opening of One Piece anime.

10. “Worries are also parts of life.” (Silver Rayleigh, One Piece, eps 404)

11. “Miracles only happen to those who don’t give up.” (Ivankov, One Piece, eps 439)

I searched for One Piece in Google Image and took a screenshot.

12. “Who is to say that outcasts are wrong in what they do? You can take it to this extreme as well: A hero in a time of war may be labeled as nothing more than a murderer in another”. (Gan Fall, One Piece, Eps 162, Skypiea Arc).

13. “Laughter is the key to happiness… When you’re happy, you laugh. So it follows that you’ll become happy if you laugh. You look like you’ve had it rough despite your age; try laughing. When times are tough, just laugh.” (Jaguar D. Saul, One Piece, Eps 275)

14. “Even if you don’t intend to do so, weapons hurt people despite your intention. They can even hurt those who mean a lot to you. That which hurts people doesn’t necessarily have malicious intent.” (Iceberg, One Piece, Eps 251, Water Seven Arc)

15. “Just what is a country? Even if the ruler of a land changes, its people will keep on living. Culture, lifestyle, if those stay the same even when a country changes, I wonder if it’s really necessary to struggle to protect the country. Certainly, there are other things that need protecting. Sometimes I’ve also had these thoughts.” (Nefertari Vivi, One Piece, eps 102, Alabasta Arc)

16. “Alone, there’s a limit to your strength. Sometimes, things you really want to do are too much for one person. You need friends. But it amounts to nothing if those friends don’t do what they can.” (Nami, One Piece, eps 102, Alabasta Arc)

17. “A country is its people.” (Nefertari Cobra, One Piece, eps 104)

18. “It’s not about whether I can or cannot. I do it because I want to. If I should die while trying or fighting for it, I’m fine with that.” (Monkey D. Luffy, One Piece, Eps 1) *Luffy said this to Coby

19. “Don’t give in to anyone. Even girls need to be strong. It doesn’t matter if people dont praise you. Dont have hate for this era you were born in. Never forget the strength to be able to smile at any time.” (Bellemere, One Piece, eps 36)

20. “To be the best, you need to accept the fact that you’re not the best and have all the will to strive to be better than anyone you face.” (Roronoa Zoro, One Piece) Actually I couldn’t remember Zoro saying this. I might have missed it somehow. But some One Piece fans post this quote and say Zoro says it. But when I asked them when he said this, I got no answers :/ Anyway, it might not be Zoro’s. It’s still cool, though.

Well, there are other quotes. Some are from the manga and still haven’t been animated. I’ll post them in another post. And for other posts about One Piece, you can read them here! 😊

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