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Disclaimer: I’ve started loving Hey! Say! JUMP just recently ❤ So, I’m still a newbie. If you’ve been a Hey! Say! JUMP fan since a long time ago, I’m truly sorry if this post sounds like a smart-ass’s writing or if what I write about them is actually false. I’m still learning to know them more and better, and perhaps, I just want to express my excitement and happiness over loving them here. So, please be kind to me. Also, if you are not a fan but want to know more about Hey! Say! JUMP, please don’t use this writing as the only reference. Really, I’m just pouring my feelings here, and my knowledge about them is limited, so maybe you’ll feel that I’m just exaggerating things or such, but please don’t hate them because of me 🙏🙇‍♀️🙏 (I feel the need to make this disclaimer because I know it can be quite upsetting when someone or a nobody suddenly says something that might not be true about an idol or the people we love, so I want to let you know in advance that it’s not my intention, and if somehow you don’t like it, I apologize in advance 🙏🙇‍♀️🙏).

I just added names to the original pic. It’s taken from here: https:// www. jpopasia. com/feed/22854/hey-say-jump-announces-new-single-mae-wo-muke/

So, yes, I’m in love with Hey! Say! JUMP ❤ I love them very very very much. Actually I’ve known the name since some time ago, but somehow I came to know more about them only recently and realized that I fell in love with them. I’ve said it before, but let me say it again: So, I guess love is really about timing, getting the right moment, and such? I mean, I’m sure they’ve been great even before I knew and started loving them, but now that I fell in love and realized how much I love them, things look really different. They look really great and it makes me really happy. I think it’s really amazing what love can do to us 🙂 I mean, I watched some movies in which some of the members played a role, and I did think that they were great, cool, and yes I even preferred them to the main lead, but at that time that was just it, nothing more. But now, goodness, their greatness, their coolness, and all good things about them seem to intensify and multiply. It’s like they are much much much cooler and greater than I thought they were. And it all takes only love to generate such excitement.

I tried to draw their characters but I had only a few colors 🙁

So, what or who is Hey! Say! JUMP and why do I love them? Well, I can confidently answer the first question but maybe not the latter. Haha I mean, Hey! Say! JUMP is a Japanese idol group under Johnny’s and Associates and they consist of 9 male members 🙂 (Who would’ve thought I’d fangirl over them. Haha) But I really love them, each of them, all of them. As to why I love them? I honestly don’t know. I mean, we don’t really have reasons when we fall in love, right? So I guess I will end up making up reasons just to justify my love, just because. But, really, I love them, of that I’m sure because I’m happy when I see them happy. I’m excited when I read posts about them. And I always wish the best for them 🙂

So maybe we should start with the members? They are, respectively from the oldest to the youngest member, Yabu Kota, Takaki Yuya, Inoo Kei, Yaotome Hikaru, Arioka Daiki, Okamoto Keito, Yamada Ryosuke, Nakajima Yuto, and Chinen Yuri. I really love seeing them interact with each other. I love it when they are joking and teasing with one another. I love it when they care for one another. It feels like sibling love, brotherhood, or a really good friendship. I love it. That’s why it’s really hard to pick only one favorite because I really love them all. Each of them is precious for me. But, ugh, some fans actually have their own ships, such as YabuHika, InooAri, YamaYuto or YamaChi, etc. And I’m like, even if they are gay I really don’t mind. I mean, my love for them has nothing to do with their sexual orientation. And even if they are straight, they’re not gonna marry me anyway. I’m just a fan, I have no rights to determine who they should like, date, or marry, so as long as they are happy and not harming others, I think I’m okay and will continue to support them 🙂 That’s how much I love them and more ❤

So, mmm, I know I say it’s hard to pick up only one favorite, but I guess it would also be a lie to say that I love them equally, so perhaps let’s just continue with how I feel about each member.

The Almighty Yabunbun.

Yabu Kota. I can’t say much about Yabu. I think he’s the kind of big brother that you respect and adore but somehow keep some distance from because you’re worried that he might get angry. Like, you don’t want to upset him. You acknowledge how great, cool, and hot he is, but you can’t really bring yourself to joke around with him. That’s how he makes me feel, or that’s how I feel about him. ごめんね、藪さん。好きだよ🙂 PS: But Lord Yabu is definitely cool and hot (probably the hottest) at the same time. He’s got a nice voice too 🙂❤ PPS: I’ve got to update this. I love Yabu more and more actually. Not only because he’s done so many things for the group and the members without actually taking credits for it, but because he’s close to Chinen, too. Oh, I’ll talk bout Chinen much later. But it seems that my love for HSJ members, in addition to their own respective characters and personalities, is affected by how close and nice they are to Chinen. Yabu is great. I actually look up to him now. Thank you, Yabu 🙂

Yuyaseba 😉

Takaki Yuya. I can’t say much about Takaki either, but recently I read a fan saying that he looks like Kamenashi Kazuya, and I am like, “Wait! I like Kame! Though I don’t consider myself KATTUN’s fan, I really love Kame. I love his voice and I love the way he sings. In fact, Kame is the first Japanese celebrity who came to my dream.” So I look at Takaki more carefully and yes, sometimes he does look like Kame. But it makes me happy, though, because it means that I love someone not only for their looks. Yes, I love good-looking people but it takes more than that to make me really fall for them. I mean, I love Takaki, but not because he looks like Kame. And I love Kame, and not because of his look only. Not sure how to explain it better, but I hope you get it. And, I think it’s good for Takaki too. I mean, personally I won’t be happy if someone likes me just because I look like a certain somebody. I want to be loved for being me and me. And that’s how I love Takaki, i.e. because he is Takaki, not because he looks like someone else.

Inooteri my love!

Inoo Kei. Inoo certainly gets a lot of respect from me. He’s the only one who went to the university and did actually graduate properly. He’s majored in architecture if I’m not mistaken. He’s so funny. I watched this fragmented video on YouTube where he said something like, “I was thinking of getting a proper job for when I could no longer sing or dance. That’s why I went to college.” More or less if I understood correctly because there wasn’t English subtitle in the video. Hikz ☹ But, really, it makes me respect him a lot. I mean, I came with a not-so-rich background and have been relying a lot on scholarship for my study. Hence, the fact that he’s already got money from his status as a celebrity but is still concerned about his education and his future really captivates me. And he’s responsible, i.e. he did graduate. It must have been difficult to manage between doing his study and his job as an idol/entertainer, but he made it. I’m so proud of him. Hence, if I really have to choose who I’d marry among them, I think Inoo would be the greatest candidate. (Not that he’d marry me, though. Haha But allow me to daydream and fantasize a bit 😁) I believe he’d be not only a good husband but also a good father. He’s got a nice smile. He looks kind, nice, warm, easy-going, and somehow approachable, even though at times he looks serious and gives such “Jeez, stop playing, guys” vibes but he is still willing to play along with the other members’ jokes and silliness. He can be a part of the fun. He looks mature but can still be childish. That way, he’ll be able to play with our kids, right? And he’ll know when to get serious. He can teach them very well. Also, he’s so polite and respectful towards his mother. (At least that’s my impression). There’s this segment I watched, in which he had to eat directly from the plate but using his mouth, not his hands. Afterward, he said something like, “I feel sorry for my Mom who’s raised me to be polite and respectful.” Haha 伊野尾がかわいい!And there’s also this time during Johnny’s Count Down when the camera zoomed on him, he said something like, “Mom, are you watching?” Man, this guy is ❤️❤️❤️ And there’s also another time when HSJ talks about how only Inoo uses polite words in their group chat, and Inoo says that it’s because it’s related to work. Haha He’s so professional.

Before I gave some colors…

He doesn’t play in movies and dramas that much but he appears in some programs too like news program(?). I’m not sure, but really, Inoo is the kind that, when you look at him, makes you feel content and happy. It feels like you can trust and rely on him somehow. That’s how I feel about him. And, many say that Inoo is the most random member in the group, and I’m like, “Well, I get bored easily, having a random guy would make it more exciting, right? That way I won’t get bored.” Haha Also, he loves tomatoes and he loves eating rice. So I guess if I marry him, it won’t be so hard. I just need to cook something that can be eaten with rice. And I’ll just need to give him a lot of tomatoes. Haha ごめんね、伊野尾さん. But if somehow we get married, please know that I’ll try my best so that we can be happy together. Hhe PS: Inoo can play piano too! How very cool is that?! PPS: If you look at his picture, it’s hard to believe that he’ll turn 30 this year! He’s got a baby face!! He’s so cute ❤ PPPS: Actually, Inoo is kinda similar to Chinen in some ways: mischievous 😁🙈 PPPPS: I suddenly remember Inoo’s Tokyo Alien Brothers drama, in which there were some scenes where he was acting angry and I found it very 怖い 😭😭😭 I mean, seeing someone who’s nice, often smiles, is usually warm and playful suddenly acting angry is somehow 怖い 😭😭😭 PPPPS: I just realized this recently, but I think, aside from Chinen, it’s only Inoo who gets me feel jealous and heartbroken when he’s close to a girl or shows admiration towards a girl or his senpai, I am like 💔💔💔 I don’t want to be possessive but they have that effect on me and I feel bad because, seriously, I want them to be happy with whoever they choose to be with ❤️🙏😊

Oh, I’ve written too much, so I’ll write about the other members in the next post. And please forgive me for my non-sense fantasy of marrying them. Don’t worry, I can’t let them marry a nobody, a lame girl like me. I hope they find someone they can love and be happy with. I just want them to be happy 🙂

PS: For the original profile, you can visit their official website here: https: // www. johnnys-net .jp/page?id=profile&artist=15 (Sorry, I just don’t want to link it directly to the official agency site ’cause I’m not sure if it’s okay, so I’ll just admire them from “afar” or stay in the shadow). 🙏🙇‍♀️

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