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Before I gave it some colors….

Yaotome Hikaru. Yaotome/Hika is the funniest in the group, the life of the party. It’s like he’s taking the entertainer role, one who’d make everyone laugh with his silliness or stuff. And guess what? I read that there’s one time where he was asked if he was upset when people made fun or made a fool of him, and he said something like, “No, I’m not. If that makes them happy, I’m happy.” And that gets a lot of respect from me. Only people with a really big heart can do that. Some people strive so hard to look or be cool, but Yaotome is just being there like, “It’s okay, I’ll be the fool.” And I think that makes him really cool. I believe he’s not stupid; he’s just acting stupid sometimes. He can play guitar and write songs too. He’s actually cool. So, mm, perhaps Hikaru is the kind that I want to be thankful for. But at the same time, I want to be there for him, like protecting him and making sure that he is happy himself. Well, it’s because sometimes people who love to make people laugh are actually the ones who need it the most but rarely get it because people just take it for granted thinking that they’re already happy. While I want him to be happy, I also want to be there for him to make him happy. But, ugh, he is scared of cats! Hahaha I kinda want to try to make him love cats 🙈😅✌ But I don’t think he’ll like it if I ever try. Hha There’s also this post where he answered a letter from a fan asking if it’s okay to send him something with a card design and he answered flatly and matter-of-factly that it’s not okay. He’s really clear in that he said that such pranks wouldn’t be cool ’cause he seriously hates or is scared of cats so he wouldn’t like that. I’m not sure if it’s because of the translation or not, but the way he said it sounded so stern, and surprisingly, I didn’t take it as being mean or authoritative.

Yaotome Pitan 🙂

On the contrary, I respect him for being straighforward about it without trying to sugarcoat it just to please the fans. It’s because…I’m kinda indecisive and I often feel uneasy when I have to say something that might hurt people so sometimes I try too hard to be nice just so people don’t misunderstand me and not get hurt but sometimes it takes a toll on me. So I really appreciate him for being honest about it without excessively begging to the fans. Like I can see that he’s being himself and not faking himself to be nice about something that he hates. And, ugh, my love for him kinda escalates from that point. Especially when I listen to him singing this part [突然の天気雨] in COSMIC☆HUMAN, kyaaa, the way he sings it kinda put a punch to my heart that it skips a beat because it’s really “heavy” and cool. But, oh, if I were to choose between Hikaru and Cats, mmm, it’s 難しいですが、perhaps I’ll just choose Inoo. Haha If I’m not mistaken, Inoo loves cats, so that’ll make us two 😍🙈✌ And, oh, by the way, Hika’s gonna be one of the Olympics torch runners along with Kame! Man, I’m so proud of them! I also read somewhere that Hika initially wants to be like Kame, so I’m really happy for him 🙂


Arioka Daiki. To be honest, I don’t know what to say about him because I don’t know him that well. I don’t know, he’s simply not really my type. Or perhaps it might be because there is this fandom account that I follow and that account ships him with Yamada. The thing is, I prefer Yamada to be with Chinen. Haha ごめんね、有岡さん。好きだよ🙂 But ugh, actually, Arioka is kind and nice. He’s good to Chinen too. So of course I love him ^^ But I don’t know why, I really love YamaChi, and I’m pretty okay and chill with YamaYuto but I just can’t approve AriYama. When it comes to AriYama, it’s like I’m being super protective of Chinen and being possessive of Yamada because I want Yamada to be with Chinen. I’m strange, oh, my, ごめんね大ちゃん。But, really, I love you, especially when you rap with Hika 😉

PS: That was what I originally wrote about Daiki. But recently I read about what they say about their types of girls and such for Popolo magazine (someone is kind enough to translate. Thank you!), and it totally changed the way I see Daiki. Most of the boys focus on looks at first, for which I can’t really blame them because, well, that’s the first thing you CAN see when you see someone. But especially for Daiki, he really emphasizes the importance of personality and it really warms my heart. Look, I know I’m not that pretty, I can’t do make-up, I don’t have nice body, I’m not fashionable; in short, I’m not good enough. I’m not saying I have the best personality either, but Daiki’s stressing its importance kinda gives me some kind of “hope.” It’s not hope that he’ll marry me. NO. LOL. I know it’s impossible. Haha But his saying it kinda restores my faith that “Hey, there are people who look at not only your look but also your personality. While you can’t really do anything about how you look, you can work on improving your personality.” And I know I don’t have the best personality, but at least I know that I always want to be a good and kind person. I’m working to be a better person. And Daiki’s saying it makes me feel like I’m somehow not that worthless 🙂 I have a soft spot for people with great personalities. Daiki has it, so I really respect him now. I hope he’s gonna marry someone with great personality and I hope they can be happy together. And, oh, Daichan, if I’m good enough, will you marry me? But, oh, I’m still thinking of marrying Inoo, so… Goodness, I’m really greedy and indecisive. Forgive me 🙏🙇‍♀️


Okamoto Keito. Actually I don’t know much about Keito. By the time I fell in love with HSJ, he’s temporarily absent from the group for his study in New York. OMG, he is currently in the states! You know what, when I was traveling to Seattle and Portland the other day, I kinda wished I’d bump into him hoping that he might be traveling too, and I’d say something like, “You’re Okamoto Keito of Hey! Say! JUMP, right?” in Japanese and somehow we’d converse and sing together. But of course it didn’t happen. Sigh. Fangirling is really hard. Hikz But he speaks English really fluently, though. He grew up and studied in UK, that’s why. And, ugh, it seems that everyone misses him and wants him to come back so they must love him so much. Well, I read his past rumored scandals about failing his university in Japan and sleeping with a girl. But I guess I have no problems with it. I mean, yes he is an idol, but it doesn’t mean he can’t be human. True that I’m kinda disappointed that he should drop out of his university in Japan but I understand that it must be not easy and maybe he also felt bad about it himself too, so I don’t have to make it worse by blaming him and all. Besides, he’s now kinda making it up by studying in the states. I kinda feel bad for him actually. When he returns, people must have expectations, and really, I don’t want those expectations to burden him. I just hope that, when he comes back, he’ll be happier. That’s all I want from him. About his sleeping with a girl, well, as long as it’s consensual that’s okay, right? If he forced himself on her, that would be another story. But if they did it consensually, I think we had no right to judge him. Well, it’s true that my belief prohibits sex before marriage, but even so, it’s not as if we’re perfect, right? I’m sure we all just sin differently. And in Keito’s case, I don’t think he has such beliefs, so really, I don’t think I should make a fuss about it. But if it’s actually against some kinds of rules that he agreed with his agency, then maybe he’s already taken some sort of responsibility? I don’t know.

Before I gave it some colors…

But, oh, they say that Keito is the kindest in the group. Actually I didn’t really like him at the beginning because somehow I got this impression that he looked arrogant and you know I don’t like arrogant people. However, as I watched him in some clips, I can understand why they say he’s the kindest and the nicest. We really can’t judge people by the cover, can we? And I think he might be the softest person in the group. He’s really nice. There’s this one segment where he said, “When people talk about other members, they all say something about their strengths, acting, dancing, etc. but when it comes to me, they’d only say “nice and kind.”” Another time, he competed with Yamada and lost and said, “I don’t know what I’m lacking.” He sounded so sad but I really wanted to hug him and scream at him telling him how beautiful and gorgeous he is. There’s also another time when he said that he kept his cats away when Hika came over to his house because he knew Hika hates and is scared of cats. I think it’s very considerate of him. I love people who are considerate and mindful of others. I mean, being kind and nice is not easy. Especially in this age, we can say it’s quite rare. His not realizing it but still being kind and nice actually shows how pure, sincere, and genuine he is, so he should be proud of it! 岡本さん, please have more confidence in yourself. Being kind and nice is your strength. Indeed, it might be the strongest strength we can have. I understand you want to do and be more, but please don’t resent yourself. Well, Keito might not read this, but who knows, right? Well, it would be too miraculous if he somehow did, though. Sometimes I wonder if celebrities read comments from others. I know some that committed suicide because they read hate comments from their haters. I don’t know if HSJ has haters, but, well, maybe it’s better if they don’t read our comments at all after all. And if they do, I hope they will only read how much we appreciate their work and thank them for it. I am not against criticism per se, though, and I understand that criticism can help us improve. But there’s that difference between criticizing in a good/nice/proper way and simply throwing hate comments pretending to be a critic. Well, again, I’m just being a fan, I enjoy their performance and feel happy. I don’t want to put too much expectation because I know they’ve been working hard and trying their best and I want them to be happy the way they’ve made me happy. That’s all. PS: I love Keito with long hair. I usually prefer guys with short hair but Keito really looks beautiful and hot with his long hair, especially when he ties some of it, oh my, やばいい!

Hey! Say! JUMP, my precious boys ❤

Btw, I’ll continue writing about the last three members in the next post. However, I want to add something about Hey! Say! JUMP as a Japanese pop idol group. Well, under Johnny’s & Associates it’s expected that they are to not only sing and dance but also to “entertain”. They are trained to be entertainers. Their singing and dancing is just one thing but their true job is to entertain the people. That’s why they are also involved in voice acting, dramas, movies, TV programs, and such. And I think it’s great. I can say they’re quite multitalented. Even when they have concerts, they do not sing and dance only, usually they’ll also have some stage-play like segments in their concerts. I think it’s really interesting and entertaining. I myself don’t know much about music, singing, and dancing, so I cannot really evaluate or criticize how good their music, singing, and dancing are. I’m just a fan and a “lover”, so I listen to their music to enjoy it not to criticize it. Besides, I love them more than that. That’s why sometimes I’m upset when people say bad things about their singing or dancing or compare them to other singer/dancer idol groups, because I acknowledge that Hey! Say! JUMP might be imperfect but they have other things to make up for what they might be lacking in one aspect. And, I eventually listen to some of their songs, and I think they’re not bad. I even come to love some of them 🙂

I’ve said it before, I wasn’t into their songs when I first loved them. I love their interaction with one another. I love listening to their talk. I especially love their appearance in TV programs such as Itadaki High Jump and School Kakumei. I think those programs are really great. Especially Itadaki High Jump, I really love it because it looks like they’re doing their job with some fun. I’m not sure how it actually is behind the scene, but at least from what I see, it’s not like their team overwork them or such. I can see some instances where they are allowed to protest, to pout, to show that they’re displeased, scared, etc. They are allowed to show different kinds of emotions and I’m happy to see that they don’t have to suppress that. They are given some kind of vacation too! I’m not sure if every detail is scripted or if they’re just given the general idea of what they should do, but I see that yes, they acknowledge that it’s work but they seem to be doing it responsibly as well as happily. It just makes me happy to see they are happy because I know some celebrities are abused by their agency and they are unhappy. Well, Hey! Say! JUMP is different. They look happy. At least that’s the impression that I get when I watch Itadaki High Jump. They do different kinds of challenges submitted by the viewers. They also help people. And they don’t hold back when giving such comments like, “Did you spend too much money on the previous agenda?” or “I don’t want to do this, I don’t mind if I don’t get paid today.” and other stuff, so it seems natural and not fake. They know they are doing their job to entertain us. We also know that they are doing it partly for money. So all is fair and square. It’s not like they’re pretending to be doing a holy job and we believe they’re doing charity. I guess we know each other’s position and mutually accept that. At least that’s the impression that I get. So, well, see you on the next post 🙂

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