I’ll continue with the next two youngest members. (I thought I’d post about all the remaining three members, but I end up writing too long, so I guess I’ll just save the post about Chinen Yuri, at the next one). For the previous members, you can read it here and here.

Am trying to draw Yamada’s character: Kurusuke 😀

Yamada Ryosuke. Man, I’ve got mixed feelings about Yamada. At first, I didn’t really like him. And perhaps, he kinda got on my nerves. I had my reasons. First, he kinda looks like someone that is idolized by someone I’m upset with, so I kinda suppress myself from loving him because I don’t want to look like loving someone that looks like that idol, who is idolized by that person. I simply don’t want to love the same thing that is loved by someone that upsets me. (Yeah, I know I’m so childish, but please allow me). But I love Yamada now, so sometimes it’s upsetting when people who like that idol think that Yamada is him or compare Yamada to him, or whatever. Yamada is Yamada, and I love him because he is NOT someone else. (Why should my love for Yamada be disrupted with my irrational dislike towards someone that actually has never wronged me? 😭) Second, at that time I was so in love with Chinen but people talked only about Yamada, Yamada, and Yamada and I was like, “I don’t want to hear about Yamada. I want to know about Chinen!” It seems that many people love Yamada as their favorite and the “hate-to-lose” part of me got kinda jealous. LoL However, the more I get to know Yamada, the more I grow fonder of him. I really love him now, like really really really love him, so much that when I see him I feel so warm and content. He’s hardworking. He’s kind and nice. He might look like someone who does as he pleases and plays around, but actually he can be mature too if needed. There was this one time when the members talked to one another about Keito’s temporarily leaving the group for his study, and Yamada said something like, “This is a serious problem. We shall not play with it. We’ve come to a point where we can’t just forgive you when you mess up just because we’re good friends.” Man, at that time I was like, “Could you please not be cool and please stop making me fall in love with you?” I mean, he loves to play around so seeing him acting serious like that makes him really really really cool-and hot at the same time. It’s a different level of professionalism, and you know how much I love professional people. And I totally agree with what he said. Also, I watched this video where little Chinen read a letter to little Yamada in their junior days, and he wrote how kind he’d been to him and how he thanked him for that, and it really melted my heart. I mean, I love Chinen so of course I love everyone who’s nice and kind to my baby. (Dang, I haven’t even reached Chinen’s part but I’ve been talking about him so much; I’m sure by now you must have known that I love Chinen so so so very very very much! Haha)

Kurusuke before I gave more colors. Yuto’s character is a bit difficult to draw. Haha Sorry.

And, oh, about Yamada, he’s great at cooking. Though he always says that he’s not good but only looks good because he is often paired with members who cannot cook, I can say that he’s the best cook among them. For that sole reason, I really want to marry him. Haha That way I don’t have to worry about cooking for him since he can cook by himself, right? Of course I can cook, but if my husband can cook too, that’ll be great. We can take turns cooking. Oh, my, I should snap out of it, there’s no way Yamada will marry me. 😂🙈😅✌ And, oh, it seems that he has a big heart, too. There was this one time when other members did some shootings for HSJ program and only Yamada couldn’t join because he’s got some work for his drama/movie, and the staff asked him to cook for the other members so they could eat the food they wanted to eat by the time they got back, and he did that without much complaint. I mean, he must be exhausted from his own work too. It’s not as if he did nothing when the other members were working for their program. He was working too. But he was professional and responsible. He cared about other members. I really love it. I love seeing they get along very well. I hope they’ll continue that way. Man, I’m actually surprised at myself now, at this moment I’m writing this. I didn’t really like him at first, but as I’m writing this, I realize that I find him so loveable, like it makes me realize that I do love, adore, and respect him a lot. I’ve never thought I’d love him this much. Apparently, I’ve come to love him more than I thought I would or could. And I want to apologize to him for not liking him at the beginning. I mean, maybe I was jealous of him because he is someone I want to be like but can’t, because many love him, or because he does more movies and dramas than my baby Chinen. But it’s not his fault if many people love him. Besides, I should not push Chinen to always be in the center or in the front. People have their own comfort zone. Not everyone wants to be in the center or the front or the spotlight. Some feel more comfortable being in the shadow or on the side. And it doesn’t make them any less. It seems that Yamada takes that role, enjoy, and feel comfortable with it, i.e. being in the center, the front, the face, or such. He doesn’t mind when other members take his “place” once in a while. And while other members sometimes take his “place”, I know they don’t want to continue to be in that position. So, really, loving HSJ kinda teaches me this thing. I might have learned about this before, about people having different roles and equally importantly, but I guess this time it gets stronger. Also, I love Yamada’s voice. Jeez, why is he becoming so attractive at this point? Now I’m confused, should I marry Inoo or Yamada? *eh 😂🙈😅✌🙏🙇‍♀️ (But considering the age difference, perhaps I’d stick with Inoo. He’s just 2 years younger than me. Meanwhile, Yamada is about my younger sister’s age, so, well… none of them will marry me so I should really stop this non-sense fantasy before everyone hates me! I’m truly sorry 😭😭😭) PS: But there’s something that I don’t really like about Yamada, though. Sometimes I feel like he’s doing and saying too much as he pleases and sometimes irresponsibly and a bit impolitely. Well, I know he doesn’t mean it that way but I think he should be more careful about it. Also, he often hits other members on the head spontaneously. I know he’s just joking and it’s just a spontaneous action, but as someone who hates getting her head hit that way, I’m like, “Yam-chan, could you please stop it? やめてくれない?” But I don’t hate him for this. I love him, especially his voice, and how much he cares about his fans and other members. And, I don’t know what’s been happening but it seems that he’s having a hard time. I wonder if he’s been working too hard or overworking himself. I’m just hoping that he’ll feel better, healthier, and happier. I really want him to be happy and somehow I get the impression that perhaps he’s too used to being taken for granted. I hope people will love him more properly. He deserves all the love.❤😊 And I need to stress this: There are things I love about Yamada, and there are still things I don’t like from him, but it doesn’t mean I hate him. Nobody’s perfect anyway. Who am I to demand that he have no flaws?


Nakajima Yuto. I love Yuto. They say he’s the serious type, like, people will say that he takes things too seriously, and I can kinda relate. You know how people call me so serious, right? (I wrote about it here before). I understand the struggle. We don’t mean to ruin the fun and sometimes we want to be funny too but people think we’re ruining it by being too serious, and somehow it makes us feel bad but we simply don’t know what to do. We try to explain but then we sound defensive and people will use it as proof that we’re indeed being too serious. Well, we can only try to contribute to the fun but often feel like a failure. Yuto handles it well, though. He’s the serious type but he can be a part of the fun, too. Yuto is good-looking too. He’s tall. He looks mature too. I think he’s the kind that all girls would swoon over. And, oh, recently he came to Los Angeles to attend the premiere of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. I didn’t know that he was a fan. And, ugh, I was like, “Why am I not in LA?!” But then, even if I had been in LA I wouldn’t have been able to meet him. And even if I could see him, there’s no guarantee that I’d get a chance to talk, sing, or take a picture with him. There’s this wide gap between celebrities and a mere nobody/fan like me, I guess? ☹ However, I wonder if he somehow met Keito. Fans say that they two were quite close. Yuto’s English has been improving too. Maybe he’s been practicing with Keito? But, oh, I’m so proud of him 🙂 And, oh, some mention that Yuto is the hate-to-lose type, as expected from a serious person. Haha I know there are times when I hate to lose myself, that’s why I can kinda see a part of me in him, and it makes me somehow understand him to some extent. At least that’s what I love to think. Yuto is lovable, though, unlike me. And, oh, there is also one thing that I love about Yuto: he doesn’t hold back in complementing his friends. He’ll just say that one is pretty, that one is cute, that one is cool, etc. Yuto is so kind to Chinen too. There are some occasions when he filmed Chinen and said how cute Chinen was. Haha So cute of him! Also, he’s multitalented. He can play drums! So cool of him! And he loves photography, I guess. He knows stuff about cameras, and I really love him for that. I mean, while I don’t know much about cameras and photographic techniques and technical terms, I love taking pictures myself, so I guess we can get along quite well when it comes to that. And, oh, about his being caring for Chinen, there was this one video where they were younger and he said something like, “He (Chinen) is my younger brother.” And I really love how he, even until today, often says that Chinen is cute. My goodness, it’s so cute of him, and as someone who always wants a big brother, I really wish I had a big brother like him, except that I’m older than him. But, actually I’m not sure if I want him more as a big brother, a lover, a friend, or such, but I guess it doesn’t matter because in reality he won’t be one anyway. LoL, me. Hikz Oh, I just remembered one thing. There’s this one video I watched in which little Yuto asked an adult about the taste of a kiss 😂🙈😂🙈The conversation went on more or less like this.

The coolest!

Little Yuto: How does a kiss taste like?

Adult: Eh? A kiss? (Looking and sounding surprised and embarrassed at the same time.)

Little Yuto: Yes. (Looking innocently serious and curious).

Adult: Well, maybe like lemon?

Little Yuto: Oh, so it’s sour. (Sounding a bit disappointed 😂😂😂🙈🙈🙈)

My big baby Yuto, I love you… You’re so cute. OMG. So, now that you’ve kissed in some movies and dramas, can you tell me how it tastes like? 🙈🙈🙈

To be honest, I can see myself considering marrying someone like Yuto. He might be serious but it can also mean that he’s responsible. Responsible people usually hold onto their commitments once they decide to commit to it. And that’s important in a relationship. And the thing with serious people, sometimes we just need to communicate it well to them and they’ll try to understand since they take it seriously. Yuto is professional too. He’s got a nice smile too. But, ugh, maybe he’s too young for me, so I’ll stick with Inoo. But wait, why do I continue with this marriage fantasy? There’s no way a superstar will marry me. Jeez. 本当にごめんね。🙏🙇‍♀️

And, so, please look forward to my next post because I’ll write about my baby Chinen Yuri, and some stuff about Hey! Say! JUMP that I might have not written 🙂

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