Japanese Dramas: Some Recommendation

Ok, now I will list some dramas that you might want to watch.

1. Mei-chan no shitsuji I don’t think this is the first J-drama that I watched, but somehow I’m pretty sure that this was the first J-drama that I was really into. Well, I fell in love with Mizushima Hiro here, I guess 🙂 If you watch this drama, you will laugh, but other times cry too. Haha

2. Zettai Kareshi Well, I loved Mizushima Hiro, what do you expect? Haha He starred as the second lead in this series. My, my heart was breaking at that time. Not sure if it’s because I loved Hiro or if I simply had a second-lead syndrome. But, like, I felt so sorry for the character played by Hiro 🙁

3. Team Medical Dragon I really love this series. If I remember correctly, it’s about intrigues and politics around hospitals, and doctors. Like, sometimes they don’t really care about patients and curing their diseases, sometimes they just care about getting a lot of money. And doctors are sometimes conflicted about this. It’s complex. But I think it’s intriguing.

4. Good Luck This is Kimura Takuya’s drama! If I’m not mistaken, it’s about him being a pilot. I can’t quite remember the plot, but I guess this one was quite popular back then.

5. Orthros no inu It’s about two people (siblings?) who have contradictory superpowers. It’s Nishikido Ryo and Takizawa Hideaki. One has the ability to heal people. The other has the ability to kill (?). But it’s interesting because the one who has the ability to kill is actually very kind and doesn’t want to use his power to hurt others. Meanwhile, the one who has the ability to heal has turned so cold and so he doesn’t want to use his power to heal others. Maybe you want to give it a watch.

6. Engine Another work of Kimura Takuya. Here he actually aspired to be a racer, but somehow he ended up being the driver of the children in his orphanage (?). I think it’s great. You know, about being ambitious, chasing dreams, being idealistic, etc. or simply being useful and happy.

7. Attention Please I really love this one. I guess one of the reasons I love J-dramas is because they often focus on certain professions or the life centering people of various professions. That way we can appreciate them more ’cause we understand that they are just human like others and thus have their own struggle. This drama talks about flight attendants. More precisely, about a tomboy wanting to be a flight attendant. Hence, this drama shows her struggle and that it’s not easy to be a flight attendant and that they actually have big responsibilities, and that it’s not just about being beautiful and smiling all day.

8. Samurai High School Well, as the title indicates: you’ll find samurai but with high school settings 😀

9. Tatta Hitotsu no Koi I don’t really remember the story actually. I just remember that Kamenashi Kazuya starred in this. Well, you know I love Kame 🙂

10. Proposal Daisakusen I have reviewed this one before. Read here.

11. Buzzer Beat It’s YamaPi. And basketball. That’s what I remember. Haha

12. My Boss My Hero Oh my God, this is so funny! (Though obviously it will make you cry too once in a while!) But, like, it’s great 😀 Please watch if you want to laugh. It’s about the son of a Yakuza that has to go to and finish high school in order to take the Yakuza’s leadership 😀

13. Mr. Brain Another Kimura Takuya’s work! Gosh, I didn’t realize that I listed a lot of KimuTaku’s work until a friend pointed that out. Haha But I love this one, I guess. I can’t quite remember the story, but what I remember is banana, and also, Kame appearing in this drama as well.

14. Osozaki no Himawari I have reviewed it before. Read here.

15. Kimi wa petto I remember not really liking this drama before because at that time I thought some scenes were too vulgar. LoL But, oh, actually Matsumoto Jun starred in this one. I didn’t realize that many people actually loved Jun. Haha I guess Jun wasn’t my type back then. Even now, I can’t consider myself a fan. Well, I love Ikuta Toma, and it seems that they are nemesis to each other. Hahaha But I don’t hate Jun, though 😉

16. Boku no Ita Jikan I also reviewed this before. Read here.

17. Bambino Another Matsumoto Jun’s work. What I remember about this drama is cooking and becoming a chef. Working in a restaurant(?). Well, if you love food and cooking, you might want to watch this. Not my fav, but my friend seemed to love Jun and cooking so much back then so she kinda recommended this to me 🙂

18. Kaito Yamaneko My goodness, this is one of the dramas that I started watching after I was abstaining from J-drama/movies for a while. It’s Kame. I love him. The story itself is also interesting. The story piqued my curiosity 😀

19. Liar Game This is where I fell in love with Matsuda Shota, I guess (?) Or perhaps I watched this because I loved Matsuda Shota. I don’t know which one is correct. But I know that the beginning season was good but I just couldn’t keep up with the later sessions because I gradually found it boring. Sorry.

20. Nigeru wa Haji I reviewed this drama before. A must watch! Read here.

21. Survival Wedding I reviewed this one too! Read here.

22. Ore no hanashi wa nagai It’s Ikuta Toma’s drama. Actually I planned to write about it but somehow I couldn’t make time. But it’s good. Please give it a watch 🙂

23. Boku, unmei no hito Kyaaaa, this one is of Kame and YamaPi. So, basically YamaPi came from the future to tell Kame that he was Kame’s son, and that people would need YamaPi to save the world in the future. So YamaPi came back to the past to make sure that Kame got married to a certain girl in order for YamaPi to be born at the proper time. I love this drama 😀

24. Love Shuffle I don’t really remember this one. All I remember was Matsuda Shota and that it’s about changing/shuffling partners periodically.

25. 35 sai no Kokosei I reviewed this drama before. Please read it here.

Actually there are some dramas that I really really loved but somehow didn’t include in this list because someone else has already used them in their list. And I thought it wouldn’t be fun if I listed the same dramas, that’s why. Well, maybe I can list them on another post 🙂 But, my, see how many dramas I watched? On one side, it feels like I’ve wasted a lot of time watching these dramas. On the other hand, I don’t regret it because I’m sure I learned something, if not a lot, from those dramas. It’s not about life lessons only, but also English. I remember those times I learned English by watching J-dramas or movies. Because I watched them with English subtitles, right? And I hate it when I don’t understand what I’m watching, so I often pause the movies/dramas to read the subtitle and find their meanings in the dictionary if I ran into some words that I didn’t know or understand. And I got the contexts, too. So I was like, “Oh, this is what I can say in English in this kind of situation. This is what it means. This is the feeling I feel.” Something like that. So I guess it was really helpful for my English learning. I cannot do the same with my Japanese learning, though. Kanji. It’s my biggest problem. I don’t know how to read them so it’s hard to look them up in the dictionary, and hence it’s hard to find or understand their meanings 🙁 But, anyway, there is this drama that I wanted to watch but haven’t: Samurai Sensei. The reason? Well, Kamiki was in that drama, and I love him, and I miss him, so I want to watch it. I couldn’t do it when I was home in Indonesia, so maybe I’ll do it when I’m in the states with a more stable internet connection. LoL But, oh, well, I guess that’s it for today. See you next week with another post 😉

PS: I have watched Samurai Sensei and, oh, Kamiki really slayed his role. It’s hard to imagine someone else playing his character once he took it. He’s really one of the best prominent young Japanese actors for me 👍

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