Gemini Woman: A Dream?

I was in Cartagena, Colombia. This must be the effect of watching Gemini Man during my flights to USA. When I watched that movie, there was this scene in Cartagena, Colombia and I made a mental note that, when someday I go to Cartagena, I’ll caption it something like, “Here to shoot Gemini Woman movie.” Well, I am a Gemini after all.

Took my baby Sabonen to travel with me. Got him a window seat but he was too short to even look out the window. LoL (Just kidding^^)

So here I was, in Cartagena. Except that, as you might have guessed, it was just a dream. Yes, I was dreaming, this all happened in my dream. Or, perhaps in my fantasy? I don’t know. Sometimes I can’t tell if it’s a mere fantasy or if it really happened in my dream. Regardless, it’s a story, so I guess I could still write it before the memories are gone?

So yes, I was in Cartagena. I was sightseeing right on the same spot where Will Smith was racing with his motorbike trying to get away from his pursuer, his young self that was sent to kill him. I was sightseeing. It was so colorful. I can’t say it’s actually black and white. They say that dreams actually have no colors. But, holy, I am just telling based on my feelings, and my feelings said it was colorful. So let’s just say it’s colorful.

I was busy taking pictures as I would usually do when traveling. Then I ran into him, someone I knew from long time ago. For confidentiality sake, let’s just call him J. (Well, my nickname starts with J, my birth month starts with J, let’s just say I love letter J). So J was there. And I was surprised. Well, I shouldn’t be too surprised. It’s a dream, no? Anything can happen in a dream. But, ok, I was surprised.

“J?” I hesitated.

“jUwa?” He looked amused.

“You’re here?” We said it simultaneously and laughed.

“Of course.” He said with a smile. “What about you?”

“Well, shooting for Gemini Woman?” Well, at least I finally got to say it ’cause honesty, I’m not sure if I’d ever make it to go to Colombia at all.

He looked confused. Maybe he didn’t get the reference to Gemini Man. Maybe he hasn’t watched the movie. But maybe I just had a strange way in joking. But alright, he didn’t have to know all of that. He didn’t catch it, so we moved on.

Suddenly somehow my dream turned into an action movie. There were few guys coming at us, attacking us. I don’t know, I can’t explain why. But it’s a dream inspired by an action movie, so what do you expect? These guys were attacking us, it was really like an action movie. J was fighting them back while I was hiding behind him, avoiding the punches from these guys I had no idea who. But boy, no, that’s not the kind of dream I wanted to have. That’s not the kind of girl I imagined of myself. I have always wanted to be that cool badass girl who fought the bad guys. Always imagined myself as someone who could fight and stand up for herself. Never have I really wanted for someone else to fight for me and protect me like that. Well, ok, sometimes I wished I had someone like that, but I don’t like to be disappointed to find out that such guys simply don’t exist for me. But this one guy now existed in my dream. So, alright, I can’t complain. So perhaps I just needed to appreciate it.

The guys were kinda pushing us back. J kept fighting them. And dang, he was so cool. I hated it when guys were being so cool ’cause chance was, I’d fall for them. Love is troublesome. And it’s supposed to be an action-movie-based dream, not a romance. But, ok, there were only J against so many, and just like an action movie, the police didn’t come when we needed them. (Wait, this sounds more like a reality. LoL) But, oh, J was really trying his best to protect me and kept the guys from touching me.

My goodness, I know this pic has nothing to do with this dream, but I really love this Sabonen baby ❤😍💕🥰

Unfortunately, somehow, one of their punches got to me and I was falling. J caught me in his arm while trying to run away from the unknown villains. I was losing my consciousness but I managed to say, “J, I trust you.” I don’t know what the hell it meant or why I said it at all. Ok, actually I know what it means. I am a conservative girl, so I kinda want to remain chaste until I get married. Me being unconscious with a guy is not a good idea because then I won’t know what they’ll do to me while I’m unconscious. Not that I’m being conceited or what. But even in reality, I’m always scared that such things will happen. Maybe that’s why I always try to be aware of my surroundings. Can’t let someone put drugs in my drinks and do the unthinkable to me. No. No. No. So maybe that’s why I said that, i.e. I wanted J to keep my faith in him.

The scene changed. I was in a hospital ward. What about the villains? Hell if I knew. What about the police? Did they come to the rescue? I had no idea. What about the administration thing with the hospital, the payment, and such? Hell, how would I know? It’s just a dream! Even in movies they didn’t give us such details. So let’s skip those.

So I was in a hospital ward. There were only me and J and a doctor that has just left. I opened my eyes wondering where I was. (But of course I was in a hospital ward, did I not say it? Jeez). Then I saw J, looking worried.

But I was worried about him too!

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“I’m okay. This is not the time for you to worry about me. What about you? Are you okay? Are you hurt somewhere? The doctor said there were no serious injuries but if you are hurt somewhere let me know so I can tell him, ok? You were unconscious when the doctor was here.”

Whoa, he talked a lot. I didn’t know he could talk this much. For all the time I knew him back then, he didn’t talk much and was more like a silent guy. He was really worried about me, I guess? But his expressions indicated so. I felt so bad, but it really touched me. I was grateful.

“I am okay.” I said. I must have sounded so weak he looked so worried. “What about you? I am seriously asking, ok? You fought all those guys all by yourself. Are you really okay? What about them? How did we get away from them? Did the police get them?” I have so many questions in my head. I am not surprised. I always think even in my dreams.

“Yeah, I’m ok. No worries. The police got them. Let’s not talk about them.” He said.

But of course I wanted to talk about them, no? I was supposed to be enjoying my holiday and those guys came ruining it! I needed to know why they attacked us. Attacked me? Attacked him? I don’t know. I know it’s just a dream. Still, …

I tried to get up and sit with difficulties. And he quickly grabbed my hand to help, with his other hand on my back for some support. Man, it felt like all my blood rushed into my face. I felt so hot. It’s not the first time I held hands with somebody. I held hands with my sister. I held hands with my friends. But this one time it felt different, not to mention that he was physically so close to me. It’s as if I’ve loved him my entire life. It felt like getting my feelings finally returned. (Wait, why did this sound like a romance? I thought it’s an action-movie-based dream. LoL)

“Are you really okay?” He looked even more worried. “Your face looks so red.” He said, still holding my hand.

Ok, so maybe I was blushing. Dang, what was that? A puppy love story? Oh, my.

“Yeah, I am okay.” I finally got up and sat on the bed. “Could you please call the doctor?”

“Sure.” He let go of my hand and quickly left the room to call the doctor.

And that’s it. That’s the dream. ‘Cause after that, I could not remember what happened. I guess I woke up? But I still wonder, though. Aren’t there any tools to call a doctor without leaving the room? Why did he have to leave the room? Sigh.

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