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Yeah, I know, I don’t actually quote any books in this post, but I don’t know what pics to go with it, so… ๐Ÿ™ˆโœŒ

I posted some quotes before (read here!) But I’ve still got a lot. I’m kinda crazy about “quotes”. When I listen to a song, watch a movie or a drama, or read a book, and then encounter beautiful sentences, whether it is motivational, inspirational, or simply shoves the reality onto my face, I love them. I think it’s amazing how the writer can convey such messages in a beautiful way, in a way that I can often relate. Maybe as a gentle reminder, maybe as a reprimand, maybe as a motivation or encouragement, or maybe to keep us humble, etc. I used to write a lot of quotes in my diary back then. I don’t like writing or highlighting the books I read, so I often copy the sentences and paste them onto my diary. I gave details about the title of the books, the writer, the year, n the pages. Too bad I don’t have my diary with me now. Maybe when I go back home to Indonesia, I can take a look and snap a pic of it. Then maybe I can share it here. But for now, let’s just post some quotes I’ve got at hand. This time I want to post some quotes that I’ve been gathering from books that I’ve read, doramas and movies that I’ve watched, and perhaps some lyrics of the songs I’ve listened to, etc. Well, I used to write this down in my physical diary back then. But now I don’t really keep a physical diary, so I often use notes on my phone to keep some interesting quotes when I find one. Usually, I post them as my Instagram captions (or Twitter games but then deleted them), so I guess now I can just put them all together here ๐Ÿ™‚

Note: Since I’m not putting quotes from One Piece, I’d suggest that read them here ’cause they’re great too ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, here are some quotes for today.

1.The world might be cruel, and not every dream comes true, but you still have the freedom to dream on.” (Detroit Metal City, an Anime)
I think it’s true. No matter how bad it is, at least we’ve still got some options. We can still make a choice, and that choice can make a difference. So don’t give up?

2. [็›ฎใฎๅ‰ใ‚’ๅกžใ„ใงใ„ใ‚‹ใฎใฏๅฃใ˜ใ‚ƒใชใใฆใ€ๆ‰‰ใชใ‚“ใ ใ€‚ใŠใใ‚Œใชใ„ใงใ€็„ฆใ‚‰ใชใ„ใงใ€ๅ›ใ ใ‘ใฎๆ˜Žๆ—ฅใ‚’ใใฎๆ‰‹ใงๆŽดใ‚€ใฎใ•] Hey! Say! JUMP (Hey! Say! 7) – ใŸใ ๅ‰ใธ
I know I’m biased here. It’s a part of song lyrics from my favorite boys: Hey! Say! JUMP. It means, Something blocking in front of your eyes is not a wall, it’s a door. Don’t be afraid, don’t rush. Tomorrow that’s destined only for you will fall onto your hand.” I think that it’s beautiful in a way. I guess what they’re trying to convey is, when you think of it as a wall, you tend to think of getting stuck; you think you won’t be able to move forward. But if it’s a door, you can always open it and explore. But, well, even if it’s a wall, you can always climb over it ๐Ÿ˜‰

By the way, I’m actually designing a jumper with these lyrics. I will also have my Sabonen drawing printed on it. But I don’t know how to do it in the US, so I can’t wait to have it made when I’m back home in Indonesia later ^^

3. “Whether you’re a bully, an idol, or a prostitute, it doesn’t matter. You can do whatever you want, but you know, freedom doesn’t mean that you will be forgiven for whatever you do. It means that if you do whatever you like, you also have to take proper responsibility for that.” (Yamaneko, eps2)
You know what? I can post it here now because sometimes I open today’s memory on Facebook and find some quotes I posted there during the old days. Well, I forget what year I watched Yamaneko (it’s a Japanese drama, btw), but I think I agree with this. Too often, people want to be allowed to do whatever they like. They call it freedom. But oftentimes, they do not want the consequences. But that’s not how the world works, right? We’re free to do whatever we want, but we’re not free from the consequences. So yeah, we should really think about the future consequences before we do or say something.

4. “No matter how capable someone is, everyone must have experienced being a newbie. It doesn’t matter as long as you’re willing to learn from now own.” (Nakagawa, Oh! My Tsundere! Koi was bessatsu de, eps1)
Actually, this drama is a spin-off from “Oh! My Boss! Koi was bessatsu de” drama. I love this one because it’s short and it focuses on Mamiya Shotaro, one of my favorite actors ๐Ÿ˜€

About this quote, I have at least two points of view. First, we tend to look at how bad we are when compared to the more experienced people. It makes us feel bad and feel down seeing how terrible and unskilled we are. Sometimes we forget that even the experienced people started from not knowing before they finally knew something. Hence, don’t feel so bad if you do bad at the beginning. It means you’ve got a lot of room to grow. So please have more self-esteem and confidence while giving your best ๐Ÿ˜‰

My second POV is, people often look down on others who know less, thinking they should’ve known, thinking it’s basic, etc. What irks me is when people say “Educate yourself,” but when someone asks them something, instead of answering nicely, they become so mean saying something like, “How could you not know?”, “It’s obvious!”, etc. I mean, those people asking questions are trying to educate themselves just like they’ve suggested, right? So why don’t just help them? I myself had a lot that I didn’t know. Often times, I’m afraid to ask because I’m worried about people’s negative judgment. I’m afraid people will think I’m stupid, expecting me to have known it. But we all are learning, right? Before I knew something, I didn’t know it. And just because I knew it first, it doesn’t make me better than those who know it later. So there’s no need to be so cocky, arrogant, and mean. As long as we keep on learning, I guess that’s ok, right? Maybe that’s why I learn to be more patient with people who ask questions that I think are actually basic. Because I was there too. I knew so little too. Not that I’ve known a lot now. I still have got a lot to learn. Still, I think it’s nice when we ask something genuinely and people answer nicely without negative judgment. So yeah, I love this quote ๐Ÿ™‚

PS: Well, the guy who said this quote is a tsundere, so he added, “But don’t try to feel better just because you’ve talked to me. If you really think you’re pathetic, prove it with work.” ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคช๐Ÿ’—

5. “Guys who don’t focus on the work in front of them don’t have the right to talk about their dreams.” (Bambino)
It’s from a drama I watched a long time ago. I guess it just reminds me to not get distracted easily and try to focus on my goals and realizing my dreams ๐Ÿ™‚

6. “An apology is admitting responsibility and asking for forgiveness.” (Violet Evergarden, an anime)
I love this quote because it’s really “simple” yet the meaning is so deep. People often apologize and say sorry but do not actually mean it. I mean, if you know you’re wrong, then logically, you should take responsibility and live with the consequence, right? But you see, some people think they should be forgiven just because they have apologized and said sorry. And when people can’t forgive them, they get mad and play victims. So ridiculous. Again, maybe I’m not so forgiving, but again, that’s not how it works. When you apologize, you don’t just say sorry, you should show it in your actions. Maybe a change in the form of better attitudes. Maybe an attempt to make amends for the damage you’ve caused. There are various ways. Saying sorry is just one and the initial step. What is not less important is what follows after we say sorry or apologize.

It has nothing to do with the quotes, but in this series, I love Peeta Mellark.

7. “I wonder if people have to have a dream. I don’t disapprove of people with dreams. But I think it doesn’t matter if you don’t have one. Because, won’t it be meaningless if you lose the will to laugh because you’re tied to a dream or obsessed about having a dream?” (Junnosuke, ใ‚ชใƒผ!ใƒžใ‚ค.ใƒœใ‚น!ๆ‹ใฏๅˆฅๅ†Šใง, eps 1)
I love this quote because we have been conditioned to a life where we should try to be extraordinary, to have spectacular dreams, to set high goals, to leave our comfort zone, etc. And when we don’t, we’re considered lame or cowardly. But you know what? Sometimes it’s exhausting. Sometimes it’s more peaceful to just have an ordinary life. People might think it’s boring, but I think it’s just a matter of perspective. Nothing is wrong with having no big breams or wanting an ordinary life. We all just want to be happy, right? Maybe some people are happy with their dreams and ambitions. But people are different. Some people are just happy and content with their ordinary life, no big dreams, no obsessions that exhaust them, or such. And I guess that’s fine.

8. “Remember only God can judge us. Forget the haters ’cause somebody loves ya.” (Miley Cyrus)
I’m not so into the entire song but I really love this part. Often, we are too occupied with people’s negative opinions about us. But I guess, sometimes it’s better to just shrug it off. They have no right to judge us, and we’re not defined by their opinion about us. So yeah, forget the haters, focus more on the people who love us. Easier said than done, I know. Still, it’s a great reminder ๐Ÿ˜‰

9. “You said that you would die for me. You MUST LIVE for me too.” (Cat and Mouse, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus)
I love this part of the lyrics because, well, people often say “I’ll die for you.” too much. But you see, death is easy. It’s living that’s hard. Also, losing someone we love and who loves us can be painful. So, no, I don’t want anyone to die for me. I want someone who can live with me and whom I can live with, enduring this life, and making it better, together. So yeah, I think this song reminds us of what most of us often forget: That if we love someone or know someone loves us, then we have to persevere and keep on living, not just for ourselves but also for them. Because only that way they-and we-can be happier.

And by the way, this reminds me of one quote in one of my favorite series: โ€œI am not afraid to die because I know that when we go, we will go together. It is living without you that would be unbearable.โ€ (The Necromancer) And you know what, sometimes I can’t imagine living without the people I love especially my parents, so sometimes I hope to die first. But if I die first, they must be very sad. So it’s a mixed feeling… And I imagine getting married and having some kids, and then I just don’t want to die because it feels a bit irresponsible to leave my kids behind especially when they still need me. Gosh, why am I thinking of death?! Pardon me.

10. “Once you fall, the only way to go is to get back up.” (Tanaka Ryunosuke, Haikyuu!!)
I forget which episode Tanaka said this. But it’s from the second half-season, I guess. But it’s true, right? It’s simple yet so true. I mean, when we fall, what else can we do? We can’t possibly waste all the time staying still lying on the floor, right? The only thing we can do is trying to get back up and move on no matter how slow, no matter how painful, and no matter how hard it is. It’s not like something will change if we do nothing, right?

Well, I guess that’s all for today’s quotes. See you on the next compilation of quotes? ^^

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