One Piece Quotes: Part V

It’s been a while, but I’d love to continue posting about some good quotes I can find from One Piece. For the previous writing about One Piece and the quotes, you can read them here. So, well, without further ado, let’s start 🙂

Well, I love One Piece ^^

77. “I know it hurts, Luffy. But you have to smother all of that. Don’t just count your losses. What’s gone is gone. But think about it. You still have some things left, don’t you?” (Jinbei, One Piece)
I’m not sure if I have actually listed this one already, but Jinbei said this post-Marine Ford Arc. After Ace died, Luffy was at a great loss and got so shocked he couldn’t get a hold of himself. And then Jinbei said this to him in Amazon Lily. That’s when Luffy snapped back to reality and realized that he’s still got his nakama and that he should learn to get stronger so he can protect them and so he won’t lose another person precious to him in his life ever again, like he’s lost Ace. And also, I think it’s good to have this mindset especially when we think we have failed or we’ve just lost someone, we tend to think everything is over or that it’s no use to keep on, but it’s not true. If we just look around, we do have a lot of reasons to keep on living. And even if we don’t have one, as long as we’re alive, we can always create or find one.

78. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to blame you. You were worthless from the start.” (Sasaki, Chapter 990)
Actually this might not belong here, i.e. maybe I shouldn’t quote this because it sounds so mean. But, oh, well, maybe sometimes we need to be this mean in order to not get hurt or greatly disappointed. I mean, some people are really not worth it, so perhaps it’s no use spending the energy on getting angry at them. By the way, Sasaki said this to Queen because, well, Queen was so bad at managing the Udon prison, I guess.

79. “It doesn’t matter who he was. No one deserves to be laughed at as they die.” (Monkey D. Luffy, Eps 941)
Luffy said this when Yasuie was dying and people were “laughing”. I think this shows Luffy’s mature side. Despite how silly he can be, he does have great respect for people in general including his enemies. Like, he can be serious about serious matters too. Here he was mad because people were laughing as Yasuie was dying. But that’s before he knew that people were actually not laughing, i.e. they were sad but could not laugh because the fake smile fruit has taken their other emotions including ways of crying.

I bought a new One Piece hoodie 😀

80. “Justice comes with a price. There’s no helping it. You can’t understand because you’ve never been one of them. A world where innocent weak people get ignored is worthless.” (Fujitora, eps 958)
Fujitora said this to Sakazuki/Ainu. I think I’m particularly interested in this part that says “You can’t understand because you’ve never been one of them.” It hits deep because, you see, I often see woke-wannabe people talk so high as if they were trying to save the poor, but because I used to be poor, and I am still connected to the poor, somehow I can tell that those people speak not from OUR perspectives. Of course I appreciate the good intention, but often, they’re just using their own standard and pushing their own agenda on us. They don’t really understand. And it kinda irks me 🙁

81. “You cannot see what will come next if you don’t know history.” (Sengoku, eps 958)
Well, I myself am not a fan of history, especially when people dwell too much in it instead of moving forward. But I agree that we do need to look back at some history so we can learn something, not repeat the same mistake, and create a better future.

82. Why do I have to go through this because of what that old geezer of mine did? Why do I have to be hated just for being a Kurozumi? Damn. Damn. Damn.” (Orochi, eps 965) I think this is the very epitome of “A good person turning into a bad guy because people keep hurting them”? I don’t know, but One Piece really portrays reality marvelously. I mean, this one scene shows that we really need to stop any vicious chains and not take any revenge out on the innocent. In One Piece, Orochi is a villain. But he grew his hatred because of the bad treatment he had received as a kid, when he was actually innocent. His family might have been a criminal, but he was a kid, he knew nothing about his family’s intriques or politics so he was upset about how the world was being mean and cruel to him just because he was born to Kurozumi family. He grew to hate everyone who punished him for what his family did. I wonder then, would he be a good guy had people not treated him badly when he was a kid? I also wonder, maybe this is also why we should behave and be good? Because the one suffering the consequences might not be only us but also the people that we love: family, friends, etc.

83. “If the status I was born into can be of help to others, then I’ll do it happily.” (Saint Donquixote Mjosgard, Fishman Island Arc) I forgot the exact episode or chapter, but I like this quote. I mean, we can’t blame people for having previleges, right? So I really have huge respect for those who use their privilege to help the less fortunate or the less privileged. I guess that’s just how it should be.

84. “To them, resources and technologies are a weapon. They say that all countries are equal, but that’s just lip service. Wealth, poverty, and religious differences won’t allow them to be equal…” (Monkey D Garp, eps 957) Well, actually I explained about this in the previous quote, but that one was from the manga, while this one is from the anime. But I guess it just speaks the truth, no? Countries are not equal; some are poorer and some are richer, especially after the exploitative colonization, some countries became much poorer than the colonizers. Still, those rich countries often blame the poor ones. Not fair, right?

85. “Express mail from the government. A check, huh? Oh, that’s a lot. I see it’s an order to manipulate information. But for which case?” (Morgan, eps 957) Similar to the previous quote, I also explained this one in the previous post, but this one is from the anime. I am putting it here because I wonder, how much info has the government in any countries manipulated using the media?

86. “Engaging in a power struggle isn’t a crime. If you take the reins, you can make the laws. You can legitimize any crime.” (Kurozumi Higurashi, Eps 965) Higurashi said this when little Orochi was complaining about the terrible treatment he received, and Higurashi provoked him to take some revenge by taking over the country so they could make their own laws. This quote is also a hard truth, right? So far I often hear people say, “History is written by the victors,” i.e. the victors could spin the truth and all to make them look “good.” And I think it’s similar to what Higurashi said in a way. I mean, now in my country people have been complaining about how the government is actually siding with the corrupted officials, perhaps because the govt itself has been corrupted. They created some laws where the punishment for corrupted officials became less heavy and, perhaps, too light for the comitted crime. They punished the people when the people had to violate a law to get by, but they became so lenient towards those in power. Not fair, right? But that’s exactly what Higurashi says, i.e. when we have power, we can turn the right to be wrong, and turn the wrong to be right. Sigh.

87. “Viruses shouldn’t be weaponized! You’re bound to lose control of them eventually.” (Chopper, Chapter 1007) I’m just amazed at how coincidental it was to have this scene, this act, and this speech, just when we have been dealing with Covid19. Oda-sensei is really amazing.

88. “Is there a single thing left in the world for you to be scared of?” (Monkey D. Luffy, Chapter 1026) Luffy said this to Momonosuke because Momo was acting like a scaredy-cat, just when his strength and power was needed to beat Kaido. He was always scared of things and everything (yet often acting arrogant like a brat. LoL). I don’t hate Momo, and I can’t blame him for being scared either (’cause I know if I were him, I would be terrified too. LoL), but I mean, I think what Luffy says is quite motivating. Often times, we hold back because we are worried, scared, etc. But when we have nothing to lose, then maybe we can give our all. Here Luffy is trying to tell Momo that he’s got nothing left and this is his only chance to get what’s his so he doesn’t need to be afraid, he must not be afraid.

89. “As long as I’m alive, I have infinite chances.” (Monkey D. Luffy, Chapter 1026). Luffy said this when fighting Kaido and Kaido said that he’s got no chance to beat him. But I agree with Luffy. And maybe I am relating this quote to something else, like, you know, when someone wishes to die? I always remember that when we’re alive, there are so many things we can do; but once we’re dead, there’s nothing we can do. So stay alive, please? It might not be easy but there’s always a chance to make it better.

90. “Friendship is a sham. It’s all for show. Deep down, they fear you. You must rule others with strength. You are the child of ogres. You are not meant to be friends with humans.” (Kaido, Chapter 1025) It’s not that I agree with Kaido, no. But that part saying “friendship is a sham” somehow hits hard. I mean, if we don’t find the right people to befriend, I think what Kaido says might be true. It’s not necessarily because people fear us, sometimes they just use as and befriend us only when it’s convenient for them. And that’s not nice. But I understand, though; sometimes it’s hard to believe that someone is actually sincere and genuine with their friendship. But well, contrary to Kaido’s statement, I think we can be friends with anyone or anything if we really want to 🙂

Well, I think that’s all for now 🙂 But, btw, I can’t believe that I didn’t always elaborate on each quote I posted. Haha

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