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Idolatory Random Self-motivation

Love and Relationship: Are They who You Want to be with?

The other day I made this Instagram poll about my favorite people. Well, of course I love them all, but sometimes we have a preference, right? So I made a poll asking my followers-my friends-to guess which one I love better. I put only their pics that I took from Google Image search results. I …

Dramas and Movies J-Movies

A Japanese Movie: When your parent is the biggest obstacle to achieving your dream

Hello, previously I talk about Japanese dramas, but now I’ll also talk about the movies. Well, I think I have reviewed a Japanese movie before, but here the movie that I’ll review is Kiseki: Ano Hi No Sobito (Miracle: Sobito of that day *my own translation, so it could be wrong 😁✌, and I have …