A Korean Drama: Choi Daniel in Jugglers

Hi, I’ve never really written my thoughts on Korean dramas before, but now I want to write this. Though those who know me (in real life) know that I love Lee Dong Wook, this time I am not going to talk about him. Lee Dong Wook is my angel, but now I want to talk about my human: Choi Daniel.

Choi Daniel as Nam Chi Won in Jugglers. He’s quoting One Piece! I love One Piece, too. So I really love him more and more now 😀

First of all, I can’t really say I’m a K-drama addict since I watched Japanese dramas and movies more than I did/do Korean dramas. But I do watch some good Korean dramas, and usually I watch them when my favorite actors play a role in them. At least that is my initial reason to watch Jugglers, in which Choi Daniel becomes the main lead.

So, the first time I watched Choi Daniel was when I watched Baby Faced Beauty. The character he played there was awesome. The way he portrayed the character was perfect. I couldn’t imagine how other actors, not even Lee Dong Wook, could play Choi Jin Wook, the man he was portraying. He was and still is definitely the man character of my dream. No other characters including those played by Lee Dong Wook can surpass Choi Jin Wook. I should mention Lee Dong Wook because he, as a person and an actor, means a lot to me when it comes to Korean actors or dramas, I love him wholeheartedly. I can’t see him hurting. I want him to be happy. I adore him that much. So now you can imagine how much I love Choi Jin Wook, the character Choi Daniel played: I love him so very much I want someone like him to come to my reality, love me, fight for and with me, and be with me. Ok, I am being delirious, but hopefully you get the idea. So, those of you who do not know Choi Daniel, I would suggest you watch Baby Faced Beauty. Because that is how I fall in love with Choi Daniel. Then I watch some of his interviews, and I know that he is my human because as he says it himself in an interview: he is approachable. So that’s it. Lee Dong Wook is my angel, someone you can love and adore from afar but out of your reach. Choi Daniel (or should I say Choi Jin Wook?) is the kind that will make you feel comfortable being yourself by his side. So yes, he is my human. There. (Come to think of it, Lee Dong Wook and Choi Jin Wook, has that same ‘Wook’ in the name, so maybe I’m destined with them. LoL)

Anyway, let’s get back to Jugglers. As I have said earlier, I started watching it because of Choi Daniel. But then I fall in love with it. Now I’ve watched the first 6 episodes. The 7th and next episodes haven’t aired yet. It’s funny and romantic, and so entertaining. I’ve got things to think about in reality, so I really don’t want to heavy dramas to add to that, you know. Jugglers is perfect because it is kinda predictable but somehow it makes me want to know if my prediction is true. So yes, I am so excited about how the stories will continue – and end. There are several things that make me curious like I really want them to be revealed later in that romantic-comedy drama. I don’t want to give any spoilers since some of you might not like them, but here are some that gets me to keep watching it.

  1. Nam Chi Won, the man Choi Daniel plays, seems to have a traumatic experience with fire. And the father of Jwa Yoon Yi, the main female character seems to have died on the same date that Nam Chi Woon commemorates. So I wonder if there is any correlation between the two, I mean the events. And if this is true, that they really are correlated, something like Jwa Yoon Yi’s father saved the little Nam Chi Won and then died, then this story is kinda like that of Secret Garden (that’s one of my favorite drama, too. Hyun Bin played a role in it 😀 ). If you haven’t watched Secret Garden, then maybe if you have time, you should watch it too. Hhe Btw, I didn’t notice this connection between the fire trauma and Jwa Yoon Yi. Another fan wrote it in a comment section of a fan page, and then I kinda thought of it, too. I guess I am simply slow. I just want to enjoy the stories, but then it makes me think about the followings.
  2. The house where Nam Chi Won lives now, which is Jwa Yoon Yi’s house. I wonder if it’s the same house where little Nam Chi Won had that traumatic experience with fire. It does look the same. But then how did it become Jwa Yoon-Yi’s? :/
  3. Hwangbo Yool’s reaction. The other male lead. I wonder how he’s going to react when knowing that his 89th assistant, Wang Jung Ae, who’s also Jwa Yoon Yi’s friend, was actually married and much older. Will he fall for her? Or will there be some conflicts on that matter? Or will Wang Jung Ae’s husband actually return? :/ Or will Hwangbo Yool fall for Jwa Yoon Yi? Oh, I don’t like this idea because he can be a good friend to my human, so I don’t want him to be the bad guy. (Btw, here Wang Jung Ae took her younger’s sister identity, Wang Ming Ae, so she could work as a personal assistant. Doesn’t it look exactly like what happened in Baby Faced Beauty? Haha)
  4. Ma Bo-Na, Jwa Yoon Yi’s and Wang Jung Ae’s friend, who’s also a personal assistant. Her boss is a jerk. I wonder if there will be a competition or a conflict in their friendship because of their bosses. Besides, Ma Bo-Na seems to have “that” character, you know. I kinda feel that she’s going to do anything to bring Jwa Yoon-Yi and Nam Chi Won down just to please her boss or to do her job as a personal assistant, out of envy and survival. I don’t know. I just believe that it’s possible. Though I hope it doesn’t happen because I really hate friendship conflict-especially when friends act unfairly or betray their friends. I. detest. them.
  5. Ma Bo-Na’s boss. He feels that Jwa Yoon-Yi should be loyal to him because he’s the one recommending her for the current job/position. Man, what will Nam Chi Woon think when knowing that he asks Jwa Yoon Yi to report about him to Ma Bo Na’s boss? Will there be a misunderstanding? Will Jwa Yoon Yi have some conflicts and betray Nam Chi Woon to defend for her position? I doubt that Jwa Yoon Yi will betray Nam Chi Won, but there might be a misunderstanding. I’m just curious about how they’re going to solve it.
  6. This week, there’s a new character, Jwa Yoon-Yi’s ex boyfriend. I really have no idea how he’s going to contribute to the story, but I don’t like him. And I’ll really hate him if he hurts my human.
  7. Actually I’m wondering about Nam Chi Won’s ex-wife. Is she just a cameo? Or will she return and cause another conflict in the story? Damn, why can’t love story be simple without conflicts?! Hikz
  8. Jwa Yoon-Yi’s previous boss. Will he play a big role in stirring the conflicts? He truly is a jerk!
  9. Nam Chi Won’s ex-father in law (the Vice President of YB company?). He doesn’t seem to be a bad guy. But I am always open to this possibility of him turning out to be bad. Like, really, anything can happen in a drama.
  10. Jwa Yoon Yi’s conflicts! How is she going to deal with her feelings when she realizes that she’s in love with Nam Chi Won, her boss? She’s so determined that it is prohibited to fall in love with bosses. LoL
Choi Daniel as Choi Jin Wook with Jang Nara as Lee Seo Young in Baby Faced Beauty. The love of my life 🙂

Anyway, watching dramas, or when I read stories, somehow I can predict what might or will happen, but I keep watching anyway, because there are these possibilities. There might be possibly more conflicts as well in Jugglers, but I just want to know which possibility happens and how the characters deal with them.

Gosh, I seem to have a lot time now, don’t I? 😀 Well, it’s winter break, I’m not traveling, so yeah I’ll have plenty of time. Besides, the drama is scheduled to air on Mondays and Tuesdays until Jan 23, 2018, so now I look forward to those two days every week so I can continue watching. Am I bored? Not really. Maybe I’m just lazy. Or I’m just so good at wasting/killing time and enjoying my solitude 😊

Well, I guess that’s it. If you want some entertainment, something that can make you romantically laugh or entertained, then maybe this drama is for you. Personally I do hope that this drama will rank 1st or that Choi Daniel will get an award for playing Jugglers. So yeah, I guess I love him that much now that I want him to be happy and I want whatever that can make him happy happens. So, well, let’s see 😊

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