Koizora: Sky of Love

A view of the sky in Tucson, AZ. December 2017.

I first knew Koizora as a Japanese movie. Many say it’s a sad movie. Simply put, you can’t be with the person you love because of one and another thing. Sad, right? But I’m not going to talk about the movie here. I’m going to talk about the sky. Koizora means sky of love. That’s how I feel about the sky. I love it.

I love the sky. I really wish someone would love me the way I love the sky. Maybe someday? Hopefully. The sky is never the same. Sometimes it’s starry, sometimes it’s cloudy. It changes colors during the sunrise, during the day, during the sunset, and at night, in various seasons. It’s always different yet I keep falling in love with it again and again. It’s so high above the ground, yet it’s never made me feel inferior. No matter where I am, I can always look up and know that it’s there. I simply feel content with the way it is. And that is love. At least I believe that love is (supposed to be) like that.

Me at Labuan Bajo, Indonesia.

Another reason why I love (looking at) the sky is that no matter how beautiful it is, it’s never made me feel ugly. Its beauty is neither judging nor intimidating. Often, I meet beautiful and gorgeous people, but they make me nervous. They make me feel inferior, make me judge myself as ugly, not beautiful enough. Of course it’s not their fault. If there’s something to blame, then I’ll blame it on my own insecurity. But the sky is not like that. It’s beautiful, and I feel secure.

Koizora. To me, sky is not only about love; it’s about hope, too. I always visualize myself as dreamy. Looking far away and waiting for the future to come while doing my best to enjoy the present. But we know that future will never come because once it comes, it will be a present. The present was my future. The future will be my present. The present will be my past. It’s interesting to see how time actually manifests in us. It’s not that I am worried about the future. I am just wondering. Wondering about what can and will happen. And I always think about these things that (will) make me happy 🙈😅 Daydreaming, if I may say. Well, at least if it doesn’t happen I can always dream it. And they say, if you can dream it, then you can make it happen. Anyway, people often tell me that I think too much or too far into the future, which may not happen. But it’s the thought of the future that keeps me going. It’s the thought of those uncertainties that gives me hope. It’s those countless possibilities that give meanings to my life. That what I am doing now is not useless. Anyway, that’s why I often smile when talking about the future. It’s always beautiful in my mind. I put you there, too. 😉

Me at Budug Asu, Indonesia.

So just like that. When I look up at the sky, I see hopes; I see possibilities; I see wonders. I wonder if there’s someone who gazes at it the way I do. I wonder if he also wonders if someone looks at the sky full of love the way he does. I wonder if somehow we’re hoping that someone at the other end feels the same way we do. And, we smile with the hope that it’s possible. That there might be someone. That, even if there isn’t any, we still have the sky the way it is; we can still hold that hope dear in our heart, and we live on with it 😊

Oh my, I guess I am getting carried away, my bad ^^ Koizora, the sky of love. Do you also love the sky?

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