Japanese Dramas: Recommendation (Part II)

Well, because I didn’t get to list other dramas that I have watched in the previous post, so I guess I’ll write the other dramas here in this post. As usual, they might contain spoilers.

Note: The previous list is here, and for more about dramas and movies, you can read them here 🙂

  1. Gokusen

I watched all seasons of Gokusen but my favorite will always be the one with Kamenashi Kazuya because I love him. Xixi And, ugh, this drama is great. This drama makes me want to be like Yankumi, the teacher. She’s really strong and cool, and genuinely cares about his delinquent students. I really wish I could be like her. I’m not as rich, though, and my family is not that prominent. Haha

  1. Bloody Monday

It’s about a genius high-school student who became a hacker. It might be intriguing for those love technology and all. I myself am not a tech-savvy, but I think the story is great.

  1. Dragon Zakura

About a lawyer that is somehow forced to take a challenge and position himself as a teacher to prepare the “hopeless students” to get into the best university.

  1. Hana Kimi (Hanazakari no Kimitachi e)

One of the best entertaining drama that I have ever watched. It’s really funny but also heartwarming. If you want to see something about friendship, sportsmanship, and team work, this is the one to see. Seriously, it’ll make you laugh 😀

  1. Nobuta wo Produce

About two guys working together to transform an gloomy girl that is often bullied into a popular girl in the school. It’s really one of a kind when it first aired. Besides, Kame is here 😀

  1. Great Teacher Onizuka

So I guess I love dramas with school settings. Stories around school life, the teacher, the students, etc. And this one is about a teacher with unique teaching methods that come to be loved by his students.

  1. Final Cut

Again, I watched this for Kame. It’s about revenge? Like, Kame starred in this drama. He’s trying to investigate a murder case and find the real killer ‘cause her mother committed suicide after being accused as the suspect.

  1. Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge/The Wallflower

About four guys who are challenged to turn a “dark-vibe” girl into an attractive lady. They were offered free lodging to take up the challenge.

  1. Tokyo DOGS

About detectives? Police? Crime? I can’t remember exactly but I remember I watched this because I wanted to see Mizushima Hiro. But I guess the story is good. I watched this a long time ago.

  1. Kurosagi

I watched this for YamaPi. It’s about him swindling money from the swindlers. It’s interesting, taking money from the bad people and return it to the victims. Chivalry?

  1. Ouroboros

I watched this for Ikuta Toma. It’s about two guys who were raised in the same orphanage (?). Somehow their beloved person was murdered in a case. And the two swore to have revenge. Hence, they grew up differently but stayed connected to each other. One as a Yakuza, and the other as a police detective. All to find out the person behind their beloved sensei’s death and to finally take revenge.

  1. Voice

It’s about forensics. Detective-like stories? You know, students trying to reveal something behind one’s death through forensics. Ikuta Toma was here. That’s why. Haha There is a newer remake, though, but I didn’t watch it because I have no reason to watch it. I mean, Ikuta Toma is no longer there, n I already know how story is going to be like, so, well… (PS: Actually, this drama is the reason I wear my wrist-watch inside, and also the reason why I gave 7 a scratch when I hand-write it.)

  1. Satorare

I think I’ve reviewed this drama a bit before, when I talked about some Japanese sad songs. Please read here.

  1. Rich man, poor woman

I didn’t know that this one actually got a Korean remake. But, well, classic you know. Or rather, cliché? A rich guy, a poor woman. You can guess the rest.

  1. Itazura na Kiss

Can you believe it? I watched three versions of this drama. The old original Itazura na Kiss, the Korean version “Playful Kiss” and the other Japanese version: Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo. Why should a smart guy be a tsundere? Sigh.

  1. 99.9 Criminal Lawyer

Matsumoto Jun was here. He solved the cases by trying to dig into the 0.1% chance that the suspect was innocent. I think it’s interesting. And if I’m not mistaken it’s because his father was convicted when he was actually innocent so he was kinda trying to prevent that from happening to someone else. If I remember correctly, that’s how it was. I watched this some time ago, so my memory was kinda blurry.

  1. Bitter Blood

Whoa. This is of Satoh Takeru. He and his father were police, but actually he didn’t really like his father (?) but somehow they got to work as a team.

  1. Kyou Kara Ore Wa

This one is so funny. I especially love Kentaro Ito – Hashimoto Kanna relationship, the second leads here. They’re so hilarious. I love them.

  1. Mr. Hiiragi’s Homeroom

Actually I didn’t finish watching this one. Well, Suda Masaki was here and I really loved seeing him, but at that time I could somehow guess how the story would unfold so it became less exciting. But people love this drama. It’s about cyber-bullying. I believed in Suda’s acting skills. And I also believe this drama gives out a really good message. So please consider watching this one if you have time.

  1. Yokai Ningen Bem

About a half-monster human who wants to be human. They love to live alongside human and love helping them as well, but people are afraid when they found out that they’re half-monsters.

I guess that’s all. So maybe I need to watch more? Haha As if I had the time. LoL But, oh, I kinda want to watch this one: Ashi Girl. I read the synopsis and got interested, probably because there was a time slip/time travel there. But I haven’t got the time to watch it ☹

So I guess that’s it. I hope you can find one that can help you feel better somehow 😊

PS: I just remembered this one drama: Seigi no Mikata. Looking back now, I guess I really don’t like how the old sister “abused” the younger sister. Well, I’m a big sister myself, and perhaps I also cause trouble to my younger sister. But I guess it goes both ways, sometimes my sister also orders me around. So it’s kinda take and give. The one in this drama, though, is too much. She should really consider other people’s feelings. Well, yes, true sometimes it turned out to be beneficial for others. But it’s just by coincidence so, still, it’s not nice…

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