Know-Me Games (Part IV)

I’ll try to combine two games that I played on Twitter. I decided to combine the two games into one post because I don’t want to post too many about these games about myself. But I still want to post them, so let’s just put them altogether here. Well, I played the two games before I went on hiatus from my fangirling Twitter account, so it was from a while ago actually. It’s still fun if you want to try it with your friends, though 🙂

Yeah, I’m kinda weird and I know it.

So, the first game is another 1 like=1 fact game; another game where I have to give facts about myself for every like that I got on my post. This time I got 29 likes, so here are 29 facts.

1. I’m the eldest daughter in the family.

2. I’m the first in my family to continue to study in the university. (Both my parents didn’t even finish elementary schools).

3. I got pick-pocketed when I was spending the night at Oslo airport.

4. I prefer savory food to sweet food.

5. I have much respect for people studying Agrotechnology because I always feel that the number of farmers has been decreasing and, gosh, I love eating; how do I get food if nobody masters the art of farming with technology?

6. One book that I find intriguing is Timebound by Rysa Walker. I wasn’t really interested in the romance n such aspects, but I was really intrigued with their concept of time traveling, and I can’t help thinking: What if this is the case? [Spoilers: some people from the future traveled to the past n tell stories about what would happen in the future (like natural disasters n such big events) n people from the past worshipped them and took their words as prophecies cause many were proven to be true, and (new) religion happened.] Mindblowing.

7. I went to Alcatraz Island because the location was used/described in one of my favorite series: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott. (Seriously, this series isn’t talked about much)

8. I went to Redwood because of Caesar, Planet of the Apes movie.

9. My campus has this weekly program where they provide free food for any student and staff/faculty who might need it. Recently they also open free clothing distribution. And I think it’s cool. I mean, my campus is not perfect, but there are things I can be proud of 🙂

Example of my review for September 2020. I wrote it after September ended.

10. I keep this book/diary where I review each month of the year in my life. I started writing it this year, and I plan to write accordingly so next year when I review the same months, I can see how much/what has changed. Is it getting better or worse? And I think it’s interesting. [In case anyone is curious: The book is a bit thick n divided into 12 parts/months. So I write 1-2pages for each month, and go to a different section for another month. Hence, my January reviews of 2020, 2021, 2022, etc. will be side by side in the same part/section].

11. I love sending and receiving postcards. There was this one time I traveled to one country. I stayed at this small place, and the front desk girl was so nice n kind. She even gave me her WhatsApp number so I could ask her in case I got lost/encountered a problem while exploring the city. Later I sent her a postcard and she texted me saying she was very happy to receive it because it was the first postcard she has ever received in her life, not to mention from abroad. It made me happy [Actually I want to send a postcard to some people I feel grateful on my fangirling Twitter account, but I’m hesitant because 1) I’d need their address and I understand it’s not safe2share your address online w/ someone you don’t know in person, and 2) Sometimes I send a postcard but it’s just not delivered/get lost on the way, so I don’t want2give them false hopes in case it happens…] (By the way, you can read about my post on postcards here, here, and here 😉

12. I love stories. Personal stories. Fictional stories. Etc. It helps me see things from various perspectives. Kinda makes me feel like I live different kinds of lives, positioning myself in different shoes, learning from others’ mistakes without having2experience it myself, etc.

13. When I was a kid, I loved to wonder, what if I was the Queen of Snakes? And then fantasized n pretended that all snakes would obey me. (Just why? LoL Me) [But actually snakes freak me out, because, what if they are venomous?)

14. I’m not white.

15. I wear glasses. (Used to think it was cool n that I’d look smart with glasses, but that’s when I wasn’t wearing ones. Now that I have to wear ones, I’m like: I don’t like it, please I want my normal eyes back!)

16. I used to be a morning person n sleep before 9 p.m., but now…sigh.

17. I’ve so far collected postcards from 22 countries.

18. I still have my Suica card from when I was going to Japan 2years ago, n it still has some money in it. I’d love to go again but Covid happened…

19. I once represented my school and joined some Math olympiads. (But seriously I didn’t know what to do with Math so I chose to not major in Math later. But I really loved Math!) 20. I once took a Megabus (w/ some friends) from Miami to Orlando, n it cost us only $1-ish. Crazy.

21. I’m a naturally curious person. Like, I’ve got so many questions in my head. Some people might think of my curiosity as “problematizing stuff” or even “hating people” or being “jerky”, but most of the times I just want to know n try to understand, even if it’s trivial.

Like, when you watched Mulan, didn’t u wonder about how she dealt with having periods? The cramps, the moodswing, etc? Like, haven’t u ever wondered, “If everyone thinks their religion is right, doesn’t it mean we’re basically going to each other’s hell?” “Does other hair in our body grow grey too?” Or, “Why are some people willing to spend a lot on vets but refuse to help their poor neighbors? Is pet more valuable than human?” (No judging of course, just curious). Etc. So yeah, I’m annoying like that. 

22. I’m a serious person. My “friends” often tell me, “You’re too serious!” But I think there are some things we shouldn’t joke about. 

23. Sometimes I eat/use products beyond their expiry [Best Before] dates. I think, “Well, it’s not best, but it’s not bad. Dont waste it.” LoL

24. I have never had any private lessons outside schools. [Because we were poor, and I was too “lazy” too, so I was pretty serious studying at schools cz I know I wouldn’t be able to afford any extra lessons]. *Sorry, I didn’t realize that I actually got 24 likes.

25. I have never bought earphones. My earphones always came with the phone when I bought them. The longest was 6 years. And I’ve been using my current earphones for 3 years since I bought my phone 3 years ago. (I bought headphones to be used with my laptop, though).

26. I love languages. At least I can say “I love you” in various languages: aishiteru/daisuki, mina mahal kita, chan rak khun, aku sayang kamu, woaini, saranghe, je t’aime, ti amo, etc. LoL

27. I don’t like cooking. Well, sure I can cook, but I don’t like it. I’d rather wash the dishes. Cooking is so time consuming. And I’m a very slow person when it comes to such tasks, so u know it takes me forever to cook. Yet, it takes no time to eat up what I cook. That’s why I adore those who enjoy and are good at cooking. And of course I am grateful for my Mom who always cooked for me. But, ugh, I rarely eat out because it’s expensive, so yeah, most of the times I have to cook. Sigh.

28. If u watched The Hunger Games, I like Peeta Mellark since the beginning. Not sure if I like Peeta because of Josh or if I like Josh because of Peeta. But most of my friends hype up for Gale/Liam. So I was really happy when at the end Peeta was together with Katniss.

29. When I went to Zurich, I stayed in an AirBnB. The owner was a Japanese, so I got to practice my broken Japanese with her. And she made me some Japanese curry.

Second Game: What color am I to you?
I think it was amazing how people on Twitter kept being creative. Like, they always have something for us to play. This time it was these different colors with different meanings. And I think it’s interesting. I posted it on my Twitter fangirling account, in which nobody knew me in person, so basically they see me only from my tweets and give the colors based on our interaction and what they see on my Twitter. And, because I was curious, I posted it on my personal Instagram account too, in which many of my followers actually know me in person. And guess what colors they gave me?

I got this from Twitter, so if anyone wants to be credited, let me know. Thank you.

Well, okay, there were 12 colors. I didn’t know who first came up with this game and idea, so if you know who made this, you can let me know so I could give them proper credit. But just so you know, I’m not the one who created this. I just saved and played along. I need to stress this because I really don’t want to claim anyone’s work as mine.

So, well, okay, there were 12 colors and 12 different meanings.

1. Mauve: friend-shaped. (I misunderstood this at first. I thought it’s shaped like a friend, so I gave some friends this color. But later when I browsed, I found that it was a slang meaning “fat”. Gosh, body-shaming! So I apologized to my friend whom I gave the color because that’s not what I meant. Hoho)
2. Almond: Someone you want to be closer with. (Actually I want to give some people this color, but at the same time I’m scared because “familiar breeds contempt.” I’m afraid that the closer they get to me, the more they’ll hate me 🙁
3. Amber: Funniest person. I’m certainly not this person. LoL
4. Emerald: Kind and soothing presence on the timeline.
5. Electric Blue: Let’s be gay and do crimes together.
6. Tangerine: Artistic mutual, very talented.
7. Maroon: Would marry them if they’re up for it. Gosh, no one gave me this color. Nobody wants to marry me, huh? LOL
8. Acid Green: Someone who likes so many interesting/unique things. Keep talking please.
9. Paradise Pink: Best dressed mutual, great style. Nobody gave me this color on Twitter. But well, of course not, I’ve never really posted my pic with dresses and such. Also, I’m not really fashionable anyway. Hhe
10. Teal: Very clever, always puts their thoughts into the right words. I got this a lot, so maybe I should start believing that I am clever? 🙈✌
11. Lemon: So cool, they’re almost intimidating. I don’t know why cool is often associated with intimidating. There are two types of cool, right? Cool with cold vibes, which seem distant, and okay, maybe intimidating. And there is cool with warm vibes, which makes us feel warm and comfortable. I want to be cool 🙁 But, okay, maybe I’m not cool at all. Haha
12. Baby Blue: So sweet, so caring. Who would’ve thought someone would give me this color? Do you think people are just being nice and kind? o.O

But okay, here’s what I got from Twitter.

      • Tangerine, teal, and baby blue…
      • Almond, acid green, teal
      • You’re tangerine and baby blue for me
      • Mauve, emerald, acid green, baby blue, teal!
      • emerald, acid green, teal, baby blue!
      • Acid green, teal, baby blue
      • Emerald, almond, teal
      • almond, teal, baby blue
      • Almond, emerald, teal and baby blue :)))
      • Tangerine, Almond, Emerald, Teal, Baby Blue, Acid Green
      • teal and baby blue

10 teal, 9 baby blue, 5 almond, 5 acid green, 5 emerald, 3 Tangerine, 1 mauve. Wow. Teal is the color I got the most ^^

And look at what I got on my personal Instagram: 7 teal, 3 acid green, 1 almond, 1 paradise pink, 1 lemon. (My, at least one person thinks I’m cool! Haha)

Don’t you think it’s interesting that I got teal the most both in my alter account and my real personal account? Well, it’s not really an alter account, though. I am just being me, except that in that account I don’t use my real name and I don’t share some private info like my nationality, languages, education, religion, etc. But I’m glad with these consistent results, somehow it convinces me that I’m not being fake, because sometimes I keep wondering: Is this really me? Especially when people say “Be yourself” I can’t help questioning “Which self?” But when we fake it, somehow our true colors will show, right? These results merely show that I’m just the same person both in my alter account and my personal account. I wonder, however, will people on my fangirling account still give me the same colors if they know other information I share in my personal account? o.O

So, well, what do you think? Don’t you think it’s interesting? Maybe you can try to play it with your friends and see what they think of you 🙂

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