Hi, so, mmm, maybe this post is a bit different from my usual posts. But I’ve said it before, right? My blog is basically like a diary so, yes, it will contain various things, whatever I feel like writing-and sharing ^^ (Updated: Here are for more song reviews/translations🙂

So, well, I decided to post this here because, well, actually I covered this song and posted it on my YouTube some time ago because I love it so much. I put the lyrics on the description. And then someone commented and thanked me saying they’ve tried to find the lyrics elsewhere to no avail so they were happy to finally find it on my YouTube video. It made me wonder if, perhaps, it was difficult for others to find it, so maybe it would be easier to find if I post it here? I don’t know. But my YouTube is really a personal account, a very small account, so maybe it wouldn’t show up when people searched for it. But I’ve been getting a lot of spam comments on this blog, so maybe my blog is more popular? Haha I mean, if that’s the case, then maybe it will be better to share the lyrics here so it’s easier for people to find. Hopefully 🙂

Anyway, you know I’ve been learning Japanese. I took some classes before but now I have to continue learning on my own since I can’t take any more classes. Hence, I also try to translate the lyrics into English to hone my Japanese… I tried to write the lyrics in Kanji, Romaji, and English because it helps me read the kanji and understand the meaning at the same time 🙂

Well, without further ado, here are the lyrics and the translation 🙂

春の花Haru no HanaThe Flower of Spring

賑わう街角 すり抜け帰り道
Nigiwau machikado surinuke kaerimichi
Trying to make way through the busy corner of the city on the way back home,
kyō mo yokaze ga hoho o naderu
Today the night breeze is stroking our cheeks too,
静まる空に 君を浮かべてた
shizumaru sora ni kimi wo ukabe teta
Under the calm sky, you were floating,
行き先の違う 電車に飛び乗って
yukisaki no chigau densha ni tobinotte
Jumping on the train that is going to different destinations,
onaji merodī o kii teta yo ne
You were listening to the same melody, right?
重なる雲に 想いを寄せ 信じ合えたよね
kasanaru kumo ni omoi wo yose shinji aeta yo ne
In the harmonizing clouds, we could gather our thoughts and believe in each other, couldn’t we?
hitori janai koto wa wakatteru noni
Despite knowing I am not alone,
munashikute yarusenai hi mo aru
There are also days where I feel useless and can’t get through.
それでもずっと 明日を願えたのは
soredemo zutto asu wo negaeta no wa
Still, I always wished for tomorrow 
紛れもない 大切な君が居たから
magire mo nai taisetsuna kimi ga itakara
because I had the unmistakably precious you.
春が待ってる 迎えに行こう
haru ga matteru mukae ni yukou
The spring is waiting; let’s pick it up.
bokura wa mata tsuyoku naru
We’ll be strong again.
喜び 分け合い 笑いたい
yorokobi wakeai waraitai
I want to share the joy and laugh
必ず 太陽は昇るから
kanarazu taiyōu wa noborukara
Because the sun will surely rise.
声を聞かせて そばで感じたい
koe wo kikasete soba de kanjitai
Let me hear your voice; I want to feel you by my side.
目を閉じれば そこに居る
me wo tojireba soko ni iru
If we closed our eyes, we’d be there.
離れていったて また会える
hanarete ittate mata aeru
We could meet again when we were away.
何気ない毎日に 君と色を添えていこう
nanigenai mainichi ni kimi to iro wo soete yukou
With you, let’s keep adding colors to these ordinary days.
are kara dorekurai jikan ga tatta ka na
I wonder how much time has passed since then.
[atarashī shatsu] mo teni ireta yo
I also got “a new shirt.”
kawatta mono to kawaranaimono
The things that have and haven’t changed,
kidzuite kureru ka na
I wonder if you realize it.
[tabiji no tochūu] de kenka mo shita ne
“In the middle of the journey”, we also had a fight, didn’t we?
振り返れば 少し恥ずかしくなる
furikaereba sukoshi hazukashiku naru
Looking back at it makes me a little embarrassed.
ima dareka no tame ni ikiru shiawase
Now the happiness of living for someone,
感じてる 世界は輝いている
kanji teru sekai wa kagayaite iru
I can feel it; the world is shining.
空を仰げば 鳥が鳴いていた
sora wo aogeba tori ga naite ita
When I looked up at the sky, the birds were singing.
jiyū ni hane wo hirogete
Spread your wings freely;
自分のペースで 進めばいい
jibun no pēsu de susumeba īi
It’s okay to go at your own pace.
ここまで飛べたのは 君のおかげ ありがとう
koko made tobeta no wa kimi no okage arigatōu
Flying this far, it’s thanks to you. Thank you.
komorebi ga yurameku koro
When the sunbeams sway,
ochita shizuku ga hikaru
The fallen drops shine,
水面に映る 眩しい未来を君と 分かち合う時
minamo ni utsuru mabushii mirai wo kimi to wakachi au toki
I’ll share with you, a dazzling future reflected on the water surface.
sotto chīisana tsubomi ga saita、
The small buds bloomed softly,
bokura no sutōrī tsudzuite ku akatsuki、
Our story continues in the dawn.
madogiwa no michishirube
The sign posts by the window,
yume no kakehashi watatte yukou
Let’s cross the bridge of dreams.
yowa-sa wo shiri tsuyoku naru
Know your weaknesses, and be strong.
ichizuna omoi wo dakishimete itsu demo
Always embrace your unwavering feelings
itsu made mo te wo toriai aruki dasou
Let’s always hold hands and start walking;
kimi no te wo nigirishimete doko made mo
I’ll hold your hand wherever…

By the way, both English and Japanese are not my first languages. Especially my Japanese, I guess I’m still in the low intermediate level. So I apologize if some of the translation doesn’t make sense. And you can also correct me if I’m wrong 🙂

And, in case you’re interested in my singing, you can watch it below. Sorry for ruining this song, but the original song is beautiful, so I hope you can listen to it 🙂

And, let me copy-paste what I wrote in my YouTube description for this song ^^

This one song is beautiful. The meaning is quite deep. Maybe because I am a crybaby, but, when I listen to this song, sometimes I really feel like crying. Not because it’s all sad or something… no. It’s just, like, you know, you see someone, their life is hard but they still try to smile and get back up. It makes you feel like telling them to not push themselves too hard, makes you want to give them a hug, telling them that it is okay to cry, and also thanking them for persevering. And at the same time, they give you some courage to continue on living your own hard life, enduring all the pain…making you feel that you’re not alone, and even if you’re alone, somehow it makes you feel like you can and will make it. I tried to find the lyrics but I couldn’t. That’s why I decided to write it down myself and share it here in case anyone needs it. [Also, Kamiki sings here, so, well, you know I love him^^. And the late Miura Haruma was in this song too. Hope he’s resting in peace now 😔💔]

Well, I guess that’s it. I hope some of you can find it useful 🙂

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