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Hey! Say! JUMP Idolatory Self-Reflection Today I Learn

“Dramas” in the Fandom: What to Do?

I’ve been officially fangirling over Hey! Say! JUMP more than 7 months now. And, I’ve witnessed quite a number of “dramas” 🙈😅 Tbf, I didn’t sign up for these dramas. It’s really not the kind of fandom I imagined it to be. The fandom I imagined was the peaceful one, where I can interact with …

Idolatory Random

Fandom, Fangirling, Fanwars: Why make war if we can make peace?

As someone who loves to fangirl my favorite actors/singers/anime/etc. in peace, I try my best not to be involved in any fan wars. I understand that the bigger the actor/singer/anime/etc. is, it is more likely to have more people joining the fandom, and thus it’s possible to have more “toxic” fans. But, well, before we …