Japanese Anime Movies: Some Recommendation

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The other day I made this list to play in my fangirling account. Not that many joined, though, but I think I’ll put it here in case you need some recommendation for anime movies to watch 😊 These all are movies, not series; I don’t even put One Piece, my most favorite anime series, even […]

Hey! Say! JUMP

Some Japanese Songs I’d Recommend

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The other day I made this list of Japanese songs in my fangirling account. I think it’s becoming a thing in the fandom. Like, someone posted answers to some questions but didn’t actually display the questions, just the answers. Then they asked people to drop an emoji, and would DM them the questions. It’s fun […]


Some Sad Japanese Songs

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I listen to quite a lot of Japanese songs. Usually I know them from anime, movies, and dramas. And sometimes from YouTube suggestions. Sometimes I watch an anime/movie/drama and fall in love with the soundtracks. Sometimes I fall in love with the actors and find out that they sing and hence try to listen to […]


Some Korean Songs that I Like

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I’m not a K-Pop fan per se so I don’t know much about Korean music, boybands, girlbands, singers, etc. I don’t really watch K-dramas or K-movies either, except when it’s of my fav actors or when somehow I happened to watch them and fell in love with the stories 😊 However, I do have some […]

Dramas and Movies

The Case of Bullying

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Some time ago I talked about bullying with a friend. He asked when I would get married and have kids (with question and exclamation marks!). I answered but I implied that it’s actually none of his business and that I don’t like such questions. You might think I’m exaggerating but it’s NOT the first time […]