One Piece: Black Leg Sanji

I drew him! ❤

So, umm, of course we all love Luffy. I love Zoro, too. I love Shanks. I love Sabo. I love Rayleigh. Etc. When it comes to One Piece, it’s really hard to pick your favorite. Everyone is cool in their own way. Like, they really have their own charms and charisma. But, well, for now, let’s talk about Sanji. About Kuroashi Sanji. Black Leg Sanji. Vinsmoke Sanji. Yup, the cook in The Straw Hat Pirates. And, ugh, I’m writing this from a woman’s perspective. I mean, me, as a woman.

Honestly, Sanji is not the type that I fall in love with at the first sight. I remember when he first appeared, I was still, obviously, into Luffy and Zoro. However, as I (think I) knew him better, I really grow fonder of him. I come to really love him more and more. I think he’s the kind of man I need in my life. Here’s why.

Sanji loves women. Well, okay, he might be “perverted”, flirting around girls; he’s even got nosebleeds from seeing beautiful girls. LoL But he is gentle. He is gallant. He won’t hurt women no matter what. Remember when he fought against Kalifa in Ennies Lobby? He won’t hit her because she was a woman and when Nami asked him, he said that he was raised not to lay a finger on women. I’m not sure if it’s him being gallant or stupid, but he held that value really true to his heart: he must not hurt women. To give you another evidence, remember that time when Law switched Sanji into Nami’s body in Punk Hazard? He refrained from smoking because it’s not his body he was in, it’s Nami’s body so he’s being careful. However, Nami knew Sanji needed to smoke at times, so she offered him the cigarette, and he was genuinely surprised asking, “Is that really okay?” Because, again, it’s Nami’s body he was in, not his own body. See how considerate and responsible this prince of Vinsmoke has been? Haha

“But he’s a pervert. He’ll get his hands on women every opportunity he gets!” You might say this, but, well, I can argue that he won’t do things that disrespect women or hurt women. If the women do not give consent, he won’t force it on them. Remember that time in Little Garden after Luffy et al. fought against Mr. 3? Sanji came to find them and saw Nami only wearing a bra and a short skirt. Yes, he was “entertained” and he looked very happy seeing that. But guess what? He immediately took off his suit and covered Nami (let Nami wear it) so that she wouldn’t catch a cold. Oh my, aside from his pervertedness, he’s really the prince every woman needs in their life ❤❤❤ I mean, the way I see it, his being “pervert” is just his “trademark”(?) Ugh, I’m not sure what to call it, maybe style? Something for comical effects? I mean, he can and will get serious if needs be, like, for instance, when he worked with Pudding to make the cake or to save Luffy, he didn’t waste time flirting. He knows how to be nice without flirting pervertedly. He knows when he’s got to be serious and put aside his being pervert. (But, well, okay, I am disregarding and forgetting that one time when he fought against Mr. 2 and Mr.2 changed into Nami. LoL)

This is the only picture that I could draw :'(

And Sanji is good at cooking! Gosh, I wouldn’t worry about being hungry. I can eat nutritious and delicious food. Many men want and expect women to cook, but with Sanji, I know he’ll be more than happy to cook for me 😭😭😭 And I won’t feel bad about it, for not loving to cook, for being not so good at cooking, I’ll be okay since I believe he’ll still love me. Cooking makes him happy, so by letting him cook for me, I make him happy, no? I’ll be happy seeing him happy. But of course I can also help him once in a while, maybe cook together, I don’t know. But Sanji is not the type who’ll let women take any hard work or any damage, not because he looks down on women, not because he thinks women are weak, but more because he believes men should protect women, that men should respect and treat women right. Oh, my, what kind of fantasy is this?! 🙈🙈🙈

“But if many women chase him, he will cheat on you with them!” Well, I don’t know. But I’m sure he knows that cheating on me will hurt me and he won’t hurt me so he won’t do such things. Again, what a wild imagination this is! Haha

But anyway, if there is one thing that I don’t like about Sanji, it is the fact that he smokes. I don’t like smokers 😐 I mean, it’s not healthy. What if we have babies? He can’t smoke around the babies. It’s bad for them. Gossssshhhh, I need to stop. Sanji is just a fictional character 😭😭

Warning: The part below might contain spoilers for those who haven’t read Chapter 931.

But, why did I write about Sanji now? Well, I just read the new chapter, Chapter 931. There, Sanji got to wear the Germa “Stealth Black” suit. And it gave him the power to be “invisible”, one of his lifelong dreams. It’s really funny how he felt dilemmatic about it. He’s glad that he’s got what he’d been dreaming about but at the same time he didn’t really want to take anything from Germa since he hated them. My, I really can’t wait for this part to be animated. He looked so cool! And he put aside his pride, saying, “If I throw away my pride…then I may be able to save them!” Yes, he knew his priority! Pride doesn’t always get us to survive! (But really, I can’t wait for the animation, especially with Usopp’s, Franky’s, and the know-a-lot-about-Germa Law’s comments. Wkwkwk) But anyway, I’m happy that Sanji used the raid suit. I really hope his pain can heal; I hope he can better his relationship with his family. Hatred is hard. I don’t want it to weigh him down. I want him to be happy and feel loved. (Oh, my, what’s happening to me!!! 🙈🙈🙈✌✌✌)

But anyway, talking about Chapter 931. This is the first time ever I am disappointed with One Piece. I have always loved One Piece, the manga, the anime, even the fillers! But this chapter really is maddening! That’s because Big Mom seemed to lose her memories! What kind of joke is that?! I will still love Oda-sensei. I will still love One Piece. I will still always look forward to the next chapters and episodes, but I really have to say this: one of the most detestable plots for me is memory loss of a character! (Well, except if it’s about Alzheimer, but we know it’s not the case here.) A character losing memory, a dead character brought back to life without foreshadowing, that’s two of the plots that I really hate in a story, and now Oda is playing it with Big Mom. Is it Indonesian drama? I’m so upset with it. Oda-sensei had better get a good explanation for that. I can accept it if, for instance, that memory loss is caused by Pudding cutting her memories (but seriously, all of them?), or if the memory loss is temporary. I don’t know, things that make sense. Well, you might disagree with me. Some fans actually are happy with Oda-sensei because it truly portrays how unpredictable One Piece is. But, no, this is not the surprise that I want. Big no. But, well, I know it is too early to judge, to get upset, etc. We’ll still have to wait for how things turn at the next chapters. But seriously, why memory loss, Oda? Why?! 😭😭😭

But, ugh, this post is supposed to be about Sanji. So let’s just end it here and see how things turn out later.

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