One Piece Quotes: Part IV

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It’s been a while, but here is my next compilation of more One Piece quotes that I’ll keep updated. When I say eps/episode, I refer to the anime. When I say chapter, I refer to the manga. I both read the manga and watch the anime when it comes to One Piece. But sometimes I forget to quote it when I read the manga, then forget which chapter it’s from, then remember it when it’s animated, so, well, anything is fine as long as I can still learn from it. But, ugh, for the previous quote of One Piece, you can find it here, here, and here. Well, basically here^^

61. “You’re just afraid of the past you know nothing about.” (Nico Olvia, One Piece, eps 278) *Spoiler: she said this to the marines who wanted to catch the Oharan archeologists for trying to research the void century.

62. “You want to be stronger because you don’t want to lose those important to you. You want to protect them.” (Kokoro-san, One Piece, 263) *Spoiler: she said this to Yokozuna the frog in Water Seven Arc. But then Luffy also said that he wanted to be stronger so he could protect his nakama and those important to him.

63. “The only difference in life is dying sooner or later.” (Ordeal of Iron, One Piece, eps 178) *Spoiler: Actually he said this out of his arrogance since he was sure that he’d kill the Straw Hats, but I think there’s some truth in it.

64. “I’d rather die than live with shame.” (Zoro, One Piece, eps 208)

65. “You’ll never get anything done if you’re so afraid of failure (Sanji). There’s nothing wrong with living a roundabout life (Zorro).” (One Piece, eps 58) *They said this consecutively by the way. I forgot why they said that, though.

66. “I don’t care whether God exists or not. It’s never mattered to me in one bit. Well, not that I have anything against anyone who wants to believe.” (Zoro, One Piece, eps 155, Skypiea Arc)

67. “There is a time when a man should not run away from a fight even when there’s no chance of winning, that’s when your friend’s dream is laughed out.” (Usopp, One Piece, eps 115) Spoiler: Usopp said this when fighting in Alabasta Arc. He was mad that the enemy laughed at the idea of Luffy’s becoming the Pirate King.

68. “If I yield to power, there’s no point in being born a man. I’ll never leave anything to be regretted later in my life.” (Portgas D. Ace, One Piece)

69. “Being afraid of those who look different only highlights your ignorance.” (Kozuki Oden, One Piece, Manga Chapter 920)

70. “I feed anyone who wants to eat! That’s what cooks do!” (Sanji, One Piece, eps 863) *Spoiler: Sanji said this when Bege insisted to put some poison in the wedding cake they made for Big Mom. It’s against Sanji’s principle because for Sanji, food is to appease one’s hunger. He even gets mad when his nakama didn’t finish their food. There was also this episode when Apis (the little girl who could hear and understand the animal’s voice) cooked for them but the food tasted really bad, Sanji asked the crew to eat it no matter what. Sanji knew how it felt to be hungry, that’s why. You know what? Sanji is the type who steals my heart not at the first sight, but after I got to know him more. He’s by default my crush, if only he’s not smoking. Hikz *But hey, even so, he’s really respectful. Remember when Sanji switched bodies with Nami and Nami offered him a cigarette? Sanji first made sure if it was okay to smoke because it was Nami’s body he was in. Man, he’s a true man! And it’s really sweet, though. Actually I kinda want Sanji with Nami though it maybe better to have each Straw Hat marry someone outside the crew. I mean, I love Luffy with Hancock but some fans want him with Nami. Though I don’t mind, I don’t want to see Sanji broken-hearted, also, Hancock loves Luffy a lot T_T

71. “You’re strong, but not unbeatable.” (Monkey D. Luffy, One Piece, Whole Cake Island Arc) I forget the exact chapter or episode, but I remember Luffy saying this when fighting Katakuri. I think this is worth quoting because often times we tend to give up when we think it’s too strong. But here Luffy simply demonstrates the importance of not giving up. He acknowledges that Katakuri is strong, but he doesn’t give up. In order to take back Sanji, he knows he has to defeat Katakuri. And instead of giving up against Katakuri, he realized that he just needed to be stronger so that he could beat him.

72. “The thing I’m afraid the most is the demon living in my heart.” (Fisher Tiger, One Piece, eps 541)

73. “Only those living in the present can make a new epoch.” (Silver Rayleigh, One Piece, eps 870)

74. “I might be an outsider, but are outsiders not allowed to protect this country?” (M. D. Luffy, One Piece, Chapter 949) When I read this part, I can’t help thinking about the refugees and the immigrants who are often silenced just because they are considered outsiders (in addition to the existence of racism. Sigh) 🙁

Me failing when attempting to draw Sunny Go at sea. One Piece fans please don’t hate me…

75. “There’s no way a gathering of 50 countries would simply end with them all saying, “so let’s just get along!!” While each country has their own hardships, the strong silently glare at one another, while those underneath them fight openly like dogs. RESOURCES and TECHNOLOGY are just their tools for power. Because of their differing wealths and faiths, those royals have a hard time standing alongside one another. Even if they do end up working together, they’ll eventually trample over each other and smile while doing it. How many kings out there do you think would truly fight for their citizens and the betterment of other countries?” (Monkey D. Garp, One Piece, Chapter 956). Well, coming from a third-world, and not to mention corrupted, country, I think what Garp says really hits the truth really hard. Sometimes I think that the government doesn’t really care about the (poor) citizens. They, along with the corporates, are just trying to enrich themselves, trying to make themselves richer. Also, as a third-world country citizen, I think the first-world countries only use us as scapegoats. They blame us about deforestation, about waste management, about how we pollute the oceans, etc. Well, okay, maybe we’re wrong, but I don’t think they can act superior towards us. We’re not the only one to blame. We do share the blame with the first-world country. Just a simple example: tissue/toilet paper: Who uses it more? Is it us the third-world country citizens? No, we clean our butts with water! Who use the tissue more? The first-world country citizens! How did they get the tissue/toilet paper? By cutting the trees, no? Trees where? In their own country? No, they set the company elsewhere, cut trees elsewhere, then they blame us for deforestation, destroying the environment, etc. They just want to stay clean by putting the blame solely on us. Then about waste polluting the ocean. Well, okay we don’t have good waste management system, but why do they send their rubbish, garbage, and waste to us? Why? So they can blame us? I find it really upsetting and annoying, that’s why when Garp says that, I’m like, “Gosh, Oda-sensei is truly a genius!” He speaks what actually exists in our real world! He portrays all these problems in the manga! He’s not ignorant to the problems existing in the world!

76. “I may be a miser, but…first and foremost, I’m a journalist!!! I’m a DJ of words, one who occasionally spins lies to move the hearts of the people. I decide what gets published!” (Morgans, One Piece, Chapter 956). Again, this one truth hits hard. Morgans represent the media we have nowadays. (I’m not sure if it’s just the (mass) media in my country). But I think it’s true, except that Morgans is being honest here, when he says he spins lies and all. Our media, however, often think they do the right thing when in reality they just care about profits. How often do we find news that are just click-bait? Many of today’s media seem to forget that they also have the responsibility to check and recheck the facts before publishing and sharing the news with the people. They forget that they are also responsible to educate people. Hence, they often publish what might benefit them more. They share only the news people want to hear but not really things people need to know. They fail to publish things that need serious attention just because they think it’s not newsworthy. It’s really terrible. What’s worse, in that scene, it’s actually depicted how the World Government try to control media. They try to bribe Morgans to delete some news that’s unfavorable to them. And I think our government has been doing this with our media. When the media side with the government, they’ll always create good images of the government and forget to criticize their work. When the media are against the government, they constantly create the bad images about them even creating hoaxes if necessary. Media alone is bad, media siding with a bad government is worse. I don’t know how Oda-sensei can think of all these things altogether. He’s truly a genius. May God always bless him.

Well, I guess that’s all for now. Hopefully I remember to write down any worth-quoting sentences when I (re)watch or read One Piece next time 😉

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