Applying for A Canadian Visa

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Tips: You can skip the paragraphs and just go towards the bolded sentences or the end of this post for the main info. Also, actually I have drafted this post since last year and kept postponing to post it because I thought I’d post it once I go to Canada. Well, I did plan to […]


Android: Free Some Space on Your Phone

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This is not my usual post but I need to put it here and, in case you didn’t know, who knows it can be useful for you too. Disclaimer: You can actually skip and go towards the end, the paragraph that starts with the bolded sentence 😉 Well, I’m an android user (can’t afford an […]


One Piece: Black Leg Sanji

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So, umm, of course we all love Luffy. I love Zoro, too. I love Shanks. I love Sabo. I love Rayleigh. Etc. When it comes to One Piece, it’s really hard to pick your favorite. Everyone is cool in their own way. Like, they really have their own charms and charisma. But, well, for now, […]


Going to Europe: Beware of Pickpockets

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By Europe, I also mean UK because it’s in the same continent, no? Pickpocketing is not a new thing for me considering where I am from. We also have pickpockets in Indonesia. It’s not a secret though I’m not proud of it. I myself experienced it one time when I was traveling in East Java, […]