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Making Friends in the US

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Since I started auditing Japanese 101, I’ve been thinking about this. How do people make friends in the US? I’m taking this class with the undergrads. We meet every day from Monday to Friday, but I can’t see how we (or they) can make friends. I can say that we are classmates, but I don’t […]


Choi Daniel: Awesomeness in Ordinariness

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Still remember Choi Daniel, one of my favorite Korean actors? Yeah, his drama “Jugglers” ended last January 23, 2018. I was too busy with my study to write about it. That’s because I need to write it “emotionally”. If I don’t have the time, I might as well not do it. But, well, as many […]


Fame: It’s scary.

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When I was starting this blog, I told my friend that I was worried and scared that I’d be famous. He laughed. He thought I was joking and just being conceited. But I was serious, deadly serious. Let me tell you why. The reason I started this blog is because my friends have been noticing […]

Auditing Japanese

An Update on my Japanese Quizzes

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Did you wonder what I got for my second quiz? Well, I actually got 100 for my second quiz, where I wrote “Mun” instead of “Mon”. Haha I was so happy but it was for a bit because the teacher quickly made a revision and changed it to 90 🙈😂🙈😂 I knew because every time […]