Being A Serious Person: Is it a bad thing?

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Back in college, when I was still an undergraduate, my friends made this kind of “categorization”, you know, something like, “The smartest, the funniest, and all the other superlatives.” And guess what they categorized me with: “The most serious.” So I asked, “Why?” and the response I got was, “See? She’s so serious.” I remember […]

Dramas and Movies

Japanese Dramas: A Review

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Disclaimer: You can skip the introduction and just read the titles of each drama. As this will/might contain spoilers, if you hate it, then of course don’t read the description, just read the titles if you only want the reference about what drama to watch. But again, what I consider good might not be that […]


One Piece: Black Leg Sanji

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So, umm, of course we all love Luffy. I love Zoro, too. I love Shanks. I love Sabo. I love Rayleigh. Etc. When it comes to One Piece, it’s really hard to pick your favorite. Everyone is cool in their own way. Like, they really have their own charms and charisma. But, well, for now, […]


Winter Road Trip, December 2018 (Part II)

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This is the continuation of my previous post. But before I continue, I want to reflect on that incident. I think about what I did, and I am actually glad that when something “bad” happened, instead of blaming others, I looked into myself first. I might be too self-centered, but it is not that bad […]