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Random Self-Reflection

Toxic Feminism: Is the Term Necessary?

The other day a friend of mine, a colleague, wrote this status on Facebook about his student’s essay telling about how the movement of feminism tends to show women’s superiority and demanding for privileges instead of supporting gender equality. He said that her essay concluded with a statement that said that such tendencies, in fact, …

Idolatory Random

Fandom, Fangirling, Fanwars: Why make war if we can make peace?

As someone who loves to fangirl my favorite actors/singers/anime/etc. in peace, I try my best not to be involved in any fan wars. I understand that the bigger the actor/singer/anime/etc. is, it is more likely to have more people joining the fandom, and thus it’s possible to have more “toxic” fans. But, well, before we …