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Random Self-motivation Self-Reflection

Pretty or ugly: Which one do you feel more often about yourself?

I decided to make this post because I often see some of my friends saying things that imply that they are ugly. At first, I found it quite upsetting because, in all honesty, I think that these people who say they are ugly are actually beautiful. Sweet and cute. More beautiful than me. Cuter and …

Random Self-Reflection

Going to the beach: Is there any dress code?

This happened some time ago. There was this one beach that went viral for separating men and women. People called it “Pantai Syar’i”, literally means “shar’i beach” (or “Islamic beach”, if you mind). Personally I don’t agree with this. I even think it’s kinda ridiculous. First of all, not everyone in the country is Muslim …

Introduction Random Self-motivation Self-Reflection

“Why do you go to school when you’re just a woman?”

April 21 is celebrated as “Kartini Day” in Indonesia to commemorate the birthday of – and to honor – R.A. Kartini, one of Indonesian Heroines who fought for women’s equal opportunity for education. The other day I was invited to share my experience and to speak in one of the events that celebrated it. I …