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“Why do you go to school when you’re just a woman?”

April 21 is celebrated as “Kartini Day” in Indonesia to commemorate the birthday of – and to honor – R.A. Kartini, one of Indonesian Heroines who fought for women’s equal opportunity for education. The other day I was invited to share my experience and to speak in one of the events that celebrated it. I …

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Are you rich? How rich is rich?

The other day one of my friends shared his financial management on Facebook and talked about how we, graduate students, especially ones with scholarship or assistantship, are considered “poor”. He posed a question about being rich: “How rich is rich?” This reminded me of my own conversation with other friends here. I remember the question …

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Being A Serious Person: Is it a bad thing?

Back in college, when I was still an undergraduate, my friends made this kind of “categorization”, you know, something like, “The smartest, the funniest, and all the other superlatives.” And guess what they categorized me with: “The most serious.” So I asked, “Why?” and the response I got was, “See? She’s so serious.” I remember …