Sexism: Is it a Preference?

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“Racists don’t think they are racists. When we try to tell them that what they do or say can be considered racist, some of them will be quick to defend believing and saying it’s just about preference. I thought it applied only to racists; I was wrong.” I started this post with that caption I […]

Dramas and Movies

Japanese Movies: Family-Themed (Part II)

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I’m back with my family-themed Japanese movies. For the previous family-themed movies, you can read here. For Japanese movies, in general, you can read here. For Japanese dramas, you can read here 🙂 And for today’s review, they are: 1. Boku ga Warau to (When I Smile) This movie is 😭😭😭 but 👍👍👍❤❤❤ It’s about […]


Applying for A Canadian Visa

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Tips: You can skip the paragraphs and just go towards the bolded sentences or the end of this post for the main info. Also, actually I have drafted this post since last year and kept postponing to post it because I thought I’d post it once I go to Canada. Well, I did plan to […]

Hey! Say! JUMP

A Postcard to Chinen Yuri

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So, well, I decided to send a postcard to one of my favorite people: Chinen Yuri of Hey! Say! JUMP. A fellow fan inspired me 🙂 Well, actually this is not the first time I sent a postcard to a celebrity. Previously I also sent a postcard to Lee Dong Wook, my favorite Korean actor. […]